Happy New Year From @ClipSaveGive!!!

Happy New Year to you!!! We pray that 2012 will be a great year for you full of love, joy, peace and prosperity from God! Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Some of my resolutions for 2012 are to spend more time praying and studying the Bible, (of course) save money using coupons and continue to share my coupon journey with you, become debt free, and de-clutter and focus more on the next stage of my career (still figuring that out)…..here’s to the great things God has in store for this year!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I have been on vacation all of this week so I was actually to get out yesterday to do my shopping.  My coupon binder is pretty empty since a lot of coupons expire today (go here to check out what coupons will be in tomorrow’s paper).  However, I still manage to use some coupons while shopping.  My focus this week was on items for meals for school and work next week.  Here is what I did:

Harris Teeter (see picture):  I spent $33.08 for $71.43 worth of items, saving 54%.   Free items included 3 boxes of Mueller’s Whole Grain Pasta.  Items for $2 or less:  4 cucumbers for 50 cents (used a rain check), Collard Greens for 99 cents, and 2 packs of Buddig Deli Meats for $82 cents each and 2 boxes of Apple Jacks cereal for $1.27 each.  I also grabbed the Breakfast Meal Deal with Oscar Mayer Bacon, eggs, OJ and hash browns.

Bi-Lo:  I spent $55.83 for $109.02 worth of items, saving 49%.  This trip I stocked on meat items and grabbed both of the advertised meal deals (Digiorno Pizzas and Pilgrim Chicken Nuggets). The Diogiorno pizza meal deal I paid $9.98 for it because I had 2 $2 off Diogiorno coupons plus a $1/2 Walgreens coupon.   I also grabbed 2 bottles of Era Laundry Detergent for $1.99 each.

Lowes Foods:  I spent $49.48 for $89.68 worth of items, saving 45%.  I made my own sale by using rain checks to get 2 boxes of Totino Pizza Rolls for 85 cents each and 2 boxes of Pillsbury Breakfast sandwiches for $1.38 each.  I also grabbed to bags of Express Garden Salad for 98 cents each.

What deals have you gotten the last weekend of 2011?

Preparing For Super Doubles @Harris Teeter!

Yes, everybody has been talking about the rumor that @Harris Teeter will be doing super doubles starting Wednesday, 1/4/2012.  I got a confirmed word while shopping yesterday and although I have not seen an ad, I trust this source I will be ready for super doubles. So if you want to get ready also, check out these tips below on preparing for a couponing event @Harris Teeter.


1. Set a BUDGET!: Yes the B word is back! Make sure that you have a budget and spend CASH! By doing both, it helps you to operate in the spirit of self-control and to think about what you really need. If you like, you can budget extra to take advantage of some of the extra specials during the event. However, I make it a point to use my same grocery budget or decrease the amount from a previous week budget to have extra to shop with. The bottom line is BUDGET!

2. Find and Organize Your Coupons: Use the clipsavegive coupon database to help you find $1.00 or more coupons for your trip(s). Here’s how to search the clipsavegive coupon database:

a) Go here to the clipsavegive coupon database.

b) Select the value drop down box.

c) Hit Search

d) You will get a list of coupons in the dollar range you select in b sorted by the most recent.

Also, go through your coupon collection for your $1.00 or more coupons.

3. Check Store Prices To Coupons: Prepare a list of items that you would like to purchase and the coupons you gathered in step 2. You can write it if you like or get fancy and use an Excel spreadsheet. For Harris Teeter you will go to the express lane by clicking here. Use the “search” function to match sales and regular prices w/ possible match ups to get items free or almost free. This will really help you to know the exact prices for your store’s products. Another option is to check the blogs I follow for lists they put together for couponing events.

4. Prioritize Your Coupons and List: At Harris Teeter, they will only double/triple 20 coupons per day. Therefore I recommend that you pull your top 20 coupons and paper clip them together. Since items tend to run out of stock during these events, I suggest you have a Plan B and Plan C set of coupons that you would use in case they are out of stock of an item you wanted. This will save you time and frustration in the store while shopping.

Other Tips:

- Shop early if you want to get the free items early during the event.

- Use rain checks you have from previous sales to take advantage of extra savings. Remember to use the clipsavegive coupon database to help you find the coupons for these items.

- Check your E-VIC coupons for additional savings and coupon stack if you can.

- Ask management when they will restock shelves and shop on those days.

- Know Harris Teeter coupon policy. Go here to read it.

- Remember your coupon manners: don’t clear the shelves, be nice and respectful to other couponers and store employees.

- Have fun! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have other tips for our clipsavegive readers.


Skinny Cow Candy Coupons = Great Deal @CVS Starting 1/1!!!!!!!

I was so glad to see coupons for Skinny Cow Candy!   I tried these a few months going when I purchased them during one of the Super Double coupon events @Harris Teeter and love them!  Walmart has released some new Nestle coupons!  Go here and click on the “Get Nestle Coupons” link (see picture) in the top right-hand corner to print several different Nestle coupons.

There you will find the coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Skinny Cow candy coupons.  The 6 ct boxes of Skinny Cow Candy will be on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free at CVS starting tomorrow January 1st, which means you’ll be able to get 2 packages with this coupon for about 75 cents each!  The boxes are on sale for $4.99 and the coupon value goes up to $3.48.  Please check the price at your local store to confirm the price.  Here’s how to do this deal:

Select Mars Chocolate, Dove, or Nestle Candy Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Buy 2 Skinny Cow Candy 6 ct
Use the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon found here
Final cost 2 for about 75 cents each

Thanks Hip2Save!!!!

Quick Trip To @Target = $0.36 Dryer Sheets!!!!

So I am on vacation this week and was hanging with my boys today letting them shop with some of their Christmas money from my Dad (Granddaddy).  We went to the mall, Kmart (only for WWE toys) and Target.  I grabbed 2 boxes of Up & Up Dryer Sheets for 36 cents each and 2 bottles of Up & Up All Purpose Cleaner for 89 cents each.  I used Target coupons to get these items.  Go over to Target’s website and print these coupons for yourself.  My total OOP was $2.89.  I love paying $1 or less for household products!!!!

I am so ready for the new grocery deals starting tomorrow.  It looks like there are several great deals to get so stay tuned for my trips later this week.