Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy weekend to you!!!!  My shopping adventures today took me to two stores:  Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.  My goal for today was to get food for the kids to eat all week since they are out of school on spring break this coming week.  Plus, I had to grab items that were great deals for my stockpile and some donation items for the @Fort Mill Care Center.  Here is what I got:

Harris TeeterI spent $96.90 for $252.37 worth of items, saving 62%.  I had sticker shock on this trip because I haven’t spent that much at Harris Teeter in quite some time. I am still within my weekly grocery budget so I over the shock now.  I used a $10/$50 coupon that I got with my points from Recyclebank.  Here’s what I got (we had to do this in two separate pictures):

Free Items:  (3) Starkist Tuna Pouches, (1) Pepsi Next, and (3) Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

$1.00 or Less:  (3) Bertolli Pasta Sauces for 22 cents each, (3) Smart Balance Milk for 49 cents each, (2) boxes of Cheez-Its for 57 cents each, (3) Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies for 66 cents each (used a raincheck), (8) cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken/Mushroom for 80 cents each, (2) dozen HT Eggs for 97 cents each, (5) boxes of Rice A Roni/Pasta Roni for $1 each

$2.00 or Less:  (2) Gain Laundry Detergent for $1.77 each, (1) 32 oz Coffeemate Natural Bliss Creamer for $1.87 and (2) Glad Trash Bags for $2.27 each

As you can see from the pictures, I grabbed several other things that were on sale as well.

Bi-LoI spent $20.29 for $58.45 worth of items, saving 65%.

Great deals I got on this trip was the Lysol No Hand Touch System for 24 cents.  These are B1G1 at $5.24.  I used a $3 manufacturer coupon and stacked it with a $2 Publix coupon I got in the mail.  There is also a $3 Target store coupon for this as well, but I didn’t have it.  I also grabbed a bag of Kingsford Charcoal for $4.99 using a $2 manufacturer coupon stacked with a $2 Publix coupon.  We love to grill out!!! I also got (2) Hellman’s Mayos for $1.84 each, French’s Mustard for 64 cents each, 2 bottles of Wisk Laundry Detergent for $1.99 and Pampers Easyups for $6.88.  I also could have gotten another free Pepsi Next, but I accidentally removed it from my e-coupons and could not add it back.

I am planning a trip back to the stores tomorrow using the coupons from Sunday’s paper.  The Smart Balance Cooking Spray will be $1 each at Bi-Lo using the 75 cent coupon from tomorrow’s paper so I plan to grab some of that.  Go here to see what coupons will be in the newspapers tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Next Fort Mill Coupon Group Meeting Is Saturday, April 14th!!!!

The next Fort Mill coupon meeting is:

Saturday, April 14th from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at the Baxter Village Library @Fort Mill, SC.

Come and out and meet other neighbors who love to save money using coupons, bring coupons to swap separated into categories, expired coupons for “Coups For Troops” (and a $1 voluntary donation for postage costs and no store coupons) and extra stockpile items to benefit the @Fort Mill Care Center.  Also, the Harris Teeter Store Manager from Fort Mill – LeAnn Sek – is scheduled to come speak to our group and she should have some goodies for us.  We also share tips on saving money and using coupons at Rite Aid.

Spread the word about our group to anyone you know who loves to save money using coupons. We look forward to seeing you there!

One Last Time To #HarrisTeeter #Triples: Spent $8.03, Saved 86%!

Hello!  This post is later than I planned, but as triples at Harris Teeter comes to an end today I just had to do one more post about it.  I had a blast getting all the deals and I hope you did too!  If you missed out, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I saved and will join me on this coupon journey.  I used some rainchecks again on this trip.  I spent $8.03 for $56.24 worth of items, saving 86% and I stayed within my week’s grocery budget too!!!!

Now for the new sales starting tomorrow…..

#HarrisTeeter Triples Trip #6: More Rainchecks, Spent $3.43, Saved 93%!!!

Great Monday to you!!!  I pray that you had a fantastic weekend!  I am thankful to God for all of His blessings and provisions in my life.  God is so great to me and my family!!!  I had to get a praise moment in so I hope you don’t mind….(smile).

I did another trip Harris Teeter with rainchecks so wanted to share to show again the power of rainchecks.  I spent $3.43 for $50.42 worth of items, saving 93%.

I used 4 rainchecks on this trip.  I needed rainchecks for my rainchecks because they were out of stock of some of my raincheck items that I planned to get:

1.  (3) McCormick Perfect Seasonings – Raincheck for B1G1 at $1.73 each – Used (3) 75 cents coupons and $.50/2 EVIC coupon – Total Cost = FREE (just tax!)  Remember these were B1G1 the week before triples so I hope you stocked up on them that week for 23 cents each.  Still a great deal on seasoning, but I got a raincheck for them and purposely used my coupons during triples to get them #FREE.

2.  (3) French’s Worcestershire Sauce – Raincheck for $1 each – Used (3) 40 cents coupons – Total Cost = FREE

3.  (3) Krunchers Chips – Raincheck for B1G1 at $1.25 each – Used (3) 75 cents coupons – Total Cost = FREE

4.  (3) French’ Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce – Raincheck for $1.99 each Used (3) 50 cents coupons – Total Cost 49 cents each

I also got a FREE dozen HT eggs wyb (2) Johnsonville Sausage (this coupon was peelie I had from last year), (1) Tabisco Sauce for 15 cents, (3) cans of Dole Pineapple for 24 cents each (rolling 50 cents Catalina), (4) boxes of Eggo Waffles for 63 cents each (had $1/3 EVIC coupon), and (3) Johnsonville Sausage for $1.44 each.

And I still have a few dollars left in the grocery budget and I didn’t even have to budget extra for triples shopping!  Thank you God and Harris Teeter!! One more trip….stay tuned!  :)

#HarrisTeeter Triples Trip #6: 6 Rainchecks, Spent $4.80, Saved 88%

Happy Sunday!  I told you yesterday that I would share a trip I made using rainchecks.  It didn’t go exactly as planned since they were out of stock on some items, but I still used 6 rainchecks on this trip.  I hope you will see the power and importance of getting rainchecks.  I save them especially for “such as time as this”  (smile).  I spent $4.80 for $39.99 worth of items, saving 88%. 

I used 6 rainchecks on this trip:

1.  (2) Reynolds Wrap Foil – Raincheck was for B1G1 Free at $1.90 each  – Used (2) 75 cents coupons – Total Cost = Free

2.  (3) Frank’s Red Hot Sauce – Raincheck was for B1G1 at 70 cents each – Used (3) 75 cents coupons – Total Cost = Free

3.  (3) Starkist Tuna Pouches – Raincheck for $1 each – Used (3) 50 cents coupons – Total Cost = Free

4.  (2) Minute Maid – Raincheck for $2.50 each – used (2) 75 cents coupons – Total Cost = 25 cents each

5.  (3) Lucky Charms Cereal Bars – Raincheck for $2 each – Used (3) 50 cents coupons and (1) 50 cent EVIC coupon – Total Cost = 33 cents each

6. (1) Scotts 6 Roll Paper Towels – Raincheck for $5.99 – Used (1) 99 cents coupon – Total Cost = $3.02

Other items I grabbed:  (6) cans of Dole Pineapple for 24 cents (rolling 50 cents Catalina on this), (2) cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk for 25 cents each, (2) Gold Peak Teas for $1.09 each.

So as you can see, rainchecks are a great way to fight inflation/rising grocery costs (just check the regular price of these items when not on sale – even when on sale it is slightly higher). So next time an item is out of stock at Harris Teeter, don’t fret, just get a raincheck!  LOL….Stay tuned because I still have some rainchecks to use……#thankyouGOD


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy weekend!  Storms are brewing as I type this post here in Fort Mill….. The main focus of my shopping for the past 4 days has been at Harris Teeter for triples.  So I decided for my official Savvy Saturday post, I would tell you about a trip I made to Lowes Foods and a trip to Harris Teeter that did not involve tripling coupons.

Lowes FoodsI spent $32.89 for $71.69 worth of items, saving 54%.

I made a trip to LF on Friday to grab some meats on sale, milk, E-offers and other basic items.  I got (2) bags of Simply Potatoes for 29 cents each, (I emailed the company that makes Simply Potatoes and they mailed me (2) 55 cents coupons), (2) bottles of All Laundry Detergent for $1.99 each, (2) Kraft Dressings for 59 cents each, (2) bags of Fresh Express Garden Salads for 98 cents, milk for $1.88 (wyb Sara Lee Bread get $1 off milk coupon used), (1) Maxwell House Coffee for $1.99.  I also got $1 off my produce purchase for buying the Kraft Dressings.

Harris TeeterI spent $14.10 for $48.41 worth of items, saving 71%.


I used a $5/$25 Dollar General coupon on this trip.  I got a free bottle of Coffeemate Creamer (printed as a Catalina when I checked out on a previous trip!), (2) Pop Tarts for 47 cents each, (3) Renuzit Air Fresheners for 51 cents each, (5) bottles of Old Orchard Juice for 79 cents each, (3) bags of Birdseye Veggies for 94 cents each and I got the Deer Park Waters for $2.97 each.  My Fort Mill store was out of stock on the Wisk Laundry Detergent on EVIC for $3.97 each.  I was planning to buy some tomorrow using the $2/1 coupon coming in tomorrow’s RP insert (go here to preview the coupons in tomorrow’s papers), but I love when HT is out of stock on items because I just got myself another raincheck.  After you see my next couple of posts about how much I spent using rainchecks with triple coupons, you will know why I have such a huge stash of them.  Rainchecks are a great way to fight inflation/rising prices!!!!!

And in case you are wondering, I still have some dollars in my grocery envelope so I am doing great saving on groceries this week!!!  Yes, gotta stick to the BUDGET….

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Let me know what deals you got — triples or not.

Harris Triples Trip #4: Spent $18.87, Saved 75%!

Good morning!  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.  So this is trip #4 to Harris Teeter for triples.  On this trip I picked a few items that were over $1 per item but less than $2 per item that I thought were great deals.  I spent $18.87 for $76.68, saving 75%.  I lost my original picture of this trip so this picture is just one of every item I bought so you can still get an idea of what I got.

$1.00 or Less:  (2) dozen Davidson Eggs for 25 cents each, (3) Dole Parfait for 34 cents each, (2) boxes of Planters Nutrition Bars for 54 cents each, (3) jars of Dole Fruit for 74 cents each, (1) Texas Toast Croutons for 79 cents each (these are also on sale at Lowes Foods and Bi-Lo and are a good deal even doubling the coupon), (6) boxes of Eggo Waffles for 88 cents each, (3) boxes of Gorton Grilled Fillets for 99 cents each

$1.00 to $2.00:  (3) Johnsonville Sausage Links for $1.74

Stay tuned for trip #5!  I have 21 rainchecks I want to use before triples end Tuesday!  Rainchecks are a great way to fight inflation (lol)!