Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!

Happy Saturday!  I had another Saturday of shopping and left out early this morning once again.  My friend, Flo who I shopped with last week, also joined me this week to learn some more coupon tips.  I believe she is definitely hooked on using coupons now (smile).  We hit three stores today:  Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo and Lowes Foods.  Here is what I got:

Harris Teeter:  I actually did one small trip to Harris Teeter yesterday to take advantage of my $5 I received for the 1% York County Sales Tax error (go here to read all about it).  I used it to pay for the $5.99 meal deal and also grabbed (1) 6 pack of Scotts Natural Paper Towels for 99 cents.  I used a $2 manufacturer coupon and a $2 EVIC coupon to score a great deal on the paper towel.  I also grabbed some paper plates for 87 cents each (that is even cheaper than the dollar store).  My trip today included two transactions where I used (2) $5/$25 Dollar General Store coupons.  For all three trips I spent, $85.14 for $238.78 worth of items, saving 64%. (All items not pictured)

FREE:  (2) Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks from coupons I got from winning a Huggies Instant Win Game, (1) Harris Teeter Disinfectant Wipes for purchasing 10 Conagra Foods products (Chef Boyardee)

$1.00 or Less:  (1) Sunny Delight for 9 cents – used a $1 Bi-Lo Store coupon, (4) Guestware Paper Plates for 87 cents each, (3) 2000 Flushes for 97 cents each, (1) 6 pack of Scotts Natural Paper Towels for 99 cents, (10) Chef Boyardee for $1 each, (4) Smithfield Bacon for $1.74 each

$2.00 or Less:  (10) HT Shredded Cheese for $1.15 each, (2) McCain French Fries for $1.47 each, (5) Jose Ole products for $1.56 each, (2) HT Gallon Milks for $1.77 each – used (2) $1 off milk wyb Sara Lee Bread coupon

I also got the Scotts 8 Roll bath Tissue for $3.01 using a $.99 coupon I had.

Bi-Lo:  My main reason for going to Bi-Lo was to see if they had anymore Bounty Napkins.  They are $1 each and I have snagged a lot of these for free using the $.50 cent Bounty Napkin coupon.  I found one more coupon
I had not used and there was one more left on the shelf.  I was so glad since the coupon expires on 4/30th.  I spent $24.10 for $61.71 worth of items, saving 61%.

I also used a $5/$25 Dollar General Store coupon on this transaction.  I also got:  (1) House Autry Chicken Breading Mix for 19 cents, (2) Simply Potatoes for 89 cents each, (5) Smart Balance Cooking Spray for $1 each, (2) Stayfree Pads for $1.79 each and earned 10 cents extra in Fuelperks

Lowes Foods:  My main reason for going to Lowes Foods was to grab coffee.  I spent $16.01 for $31.39 worth of items, saving 49%.

I got (2) Fresh Express Shredded Lettuce for 88 cents each, (2) Lowes Foods Ketchup for 69 cents each, and (4) Maxwell House Coffees for $1.68 each, and 5 lb bag of Vidalia Onions for $4.18 using a $.50 Vidalia Onion coupon I printed off Facebook (comes out to be 80 cents per pound).

This week was not as exciting as last week with super doubles, but it was definitely great to hangout with Flo again today.  I think she has made a great start in learning to use coupons to save more or spend less on her grocery and household needs.  She even got a $2 Catalina for purchasing the Scott Bath Tissue and Paper Towel and was super excited about that!  I am also under on our grocery/household budget for the week and my bank account is loving that indeed!

FYI….I am celebrating my birthday on this coming Tuesday, May 1st!!!!!  So Happy birthday to me already!!!!!!  (smile)

Get Your #MONEY: 1% Sales Tax York County, SC Update!!

Happy Friday!  This story broke earlier this week and if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen me share the story from @CouponMama @Travise Smith who first found out about it.  So what is going on you ask?  Well, if you live or shop in York County, South Carolina, effective January 2012, you should not be charged any tax on food items.  Well, apparently most of the stores were still charging (Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Walmart just to name a few).  If you want to read all of the details, go to this link on @CouponMama website.  The bottom line is you should not be paying ANY TAX on food in York County, South Carolina.   Some of you may think 1% is not a big deal, but to the average family who is trying to make ends meet, 1% can make a HUGE difference!  I know @HarrisTeeter is giving impacted customers $5 electronically loaded to your VIC card.  We are still waiting to hear how other stores will reimburse us.  I will provide you with updates as I hear them.  Keeping my receipts for everything will work to my advantage on this!


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Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!

Happy weekend to you!!!  I started my Saturday off pretty early.  This Saturday I spent part of my day shopping with two friends from my church – World Worship Church – @Carolyn Love Cuthbertson and Florence “Flo” Paschal – who is one of the best dressed women I know – is finally starting to want o learn how to save on everything using coupons.  She did not have any coupons to shop with and wanted to take advantage of some deals so I was more than willing to share my coupons and to help her shop and save money today.  After paying $.01 cent today for Smart Balance Milk and Butter with some coupons I gave her, she is definitely going to start using coupons…

So although today I primarily was helping Carolyn and Flo get great deals, of course I had to sang a few for myself.  So here we go with what I got:

Harris Teeter:  Super doubles continues at Harris Teeter.  Of course the hot item today was the Gain Laundry Detergent on EVIC for $3.77.  Also, I bought some other Proctor & Gamble products so that I can take advantage of a rebate to get a free 2 piece rice cooker/tamale steamer and cookbook.  Here is the rebate form for more detailsI spent $12.55 for $97.24, saving 87%.  I used (2) $5/$25 Dollar General coupon on this trip because I did my transaction for my P&G rebate separate so I can submit the receipt.  I also used (2) $1 UP REWARDS I had from Rite Aid.  Here is what I got:

FREE:  (1) Coffeemate (a free coupon I got from a Coffemate offer on Facebook)

$1.00 or Less:  (2) Bandaids for 50 cents each, (1) Johnson & Johnson Adhesive Tape for 62 cents, (2) bottles of Gain Laundry Detergent for 77 cents (I had a (2) $1 manufacturer coupons, $1 EVIC, and $1 Bi-Lo Laundry purchase coupon), (2) 3 pack Dial Soap for 97 cents each (I gave these to Flo), (1) Always Infinity for 99 cents, (3) Febreze Air Effects for 99 cents each

$1.00 to $2.00: (3) Gain Fabric Softener for $1.49 each, (1) Crest Rinse for $1.74, (2) Starbucks Coffee for $2.97

The Airwick and Honey Mustard Dipping sauce were gifts from Carolyn….thank you Carolyn!

Lowes Foods:  Lowes Foods was the next stop on our coupon excursion.  I am really loving the Dole Fruit Shakers and we arrived at the store just in time to get some out of the box (we didn’t clear the shelf…lol).  I grabbed a few other items as well.  I spent $22.84 for $58.20 worth of items, saving 61%. 

I got (8) Dole Fruit Shakers for 15 cents each, (8) V8 Splash Drinks for $1.50 each, chicken drumsticks for 99 cents and some produce using a 10% off Lowes Foods produce coupon.

Bi-Lo:  My trip to Bi-Lo was primarily to grab eggs on sale for 88 cents a dozen and few other items.  I spent $25.27 for $41.71 worth of items, saving 39%.  I didn’t hit my 50% goal, but I only used 1 coupon on this trip, but I bought items that were on sale.

I got (1) FREE bottle of Sun Laundry Detergent using a $1.50 Bi-Lo Laundry purchase coupon, (4) Kraft BBQ Sauce for 79 cents each, (4) dozen eggs for 88 cents each, leaf lettuce for 99 cents.  Normally, when I need to purchase things that I don’t have coupons for I purchase them from Bi-Lo to help increase my Fuelperks for gas.  Plus, I still have cash in the grocery envelope!  Special thank you to Damien, one of the managers, who gave me lots of Bi-Lo coupons today.  That was how I was able to get the Sun Laundry Detergent for free today.  He said that so many people leave the coupons and he saved some just for me.  How nice of him to do that!  Don’t those people know they are throwing money away?  Well, I will gladly take their money any day.  Also, I finally got 4 Bi-Lo coupons to print for me as well because I had not gotten any so far!!!

So another fabulous weekend of shopping!  The best part for me was not that I personally got some great deals, but that I was able to share and give coupons and shopping tips to two wonderful and fantastic ladies today – Carolyn and Flo.  We had a great time shopping together!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #2: Spent $14.41 for $59.41 Worth of Items!

I made another small trip to Harris Teeter for a few items today.  I did not double my twenty coupons on this trip.  However, I scored some really great deals on deodorants that were marked on clearance.  I spent $14.41 for $59.431 worth of items, saving 76%.  Here is what I got:

FREE:  (1) Gain Dishwashing Liquid (used a $1 off Gain Product coupon that got in my FREE subscription to Ebony Magazine plus I have a $1 EVIC coupon), (1) Simply Orange Juice, (3) Mitchum Deodorants (marked down to $1.70 at the Fort Mill store), (1) Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste (2) Country Crock

$1.00 or Less:  (1) Stridex Acne Pads for 19 cents, (4) Right Guard Deodorants for 46 cents each, (1) Old Spice Deodorant for 65 cents, (4) Secret Deodorants for 70 cents each,

$1.00 to $2.00:  (3) All Laundry Detergents for $1.99 each

Over $2.00:  (1) Old Spice Body Wash for $2.69 — My stock up price is $1.50 or less, but I bought it since I had a $1 Old Spice Bodywash wyb Old Spice Deodorant coupon.

Be on the lookout for these deodorant marked on clearance at your local Harris Teeter.  Let us know what deals you are getting at Harris Teeter by commenting on this post or on the @ClipSaveGive Facebook page.



Lowes Foods Super Doubles Trip #1: Spent $35.43 For $127.62 Worth Of Items!

This trip is my first trip to Lowes Foods for super doubles (go here to see what I did on my first trip to Harris Teeter for super doubles today).  My initial plan was not going to have me double 20 coupons, but I found a few deals once I got to the store so I hit my 20 limit.  Plus, I bought some other items that we needed that did not require me to double coupons.  I spent $35.43 for $127.62 worth of items, saving 72%.  I also got a $5/$50 and 10% off produce coupon to print as well.  Here is what I got:

$1.00 or Less:  (6) Dole Fruit Shakers for 15 cents each, (3) Frosted Toast Crunch Cereal for 49 cents each, (2) Birdseye Viola Meals for 74 cents each, (2) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings for 99 cents each, (3) Turkey Hill Ice Creams for $1 each, (2) Alexia Sweet Potatoes for $1 each

$1.00 – $2.00:  (1) Tai Pei Shrimp Fried Rice for $1.09, (2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereals for $1.13 each, (4) V8 Fruit Splash Drinks for $1.50 each, (3) Wisk Laundry Detergents for $1.99 each, (2) Gain Fabric Softener for $1.99 each (these would be $1.49 at Harris Teeter)

A good first trip to Lowes Foods!  Stay tuned for more and please share what you get at Lowes Foods!