SAVE THE DATE: JUNE 9th Fort Mill Coupon Group Meeting!!!

Come on out and join us for the next Fort Mill coupon meeting:

Saturday, June 9th from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at the Baxter Village Library @Fort Mill, SC.

David Ashley, Store Director for Lowes Foods in Fort Mill will be our guest to answer your questions about shopping and using coupons at Lowes Foods.  He should have some goodies for us as well.  So come out and meet other neighbors who love to save money using coupons, bring coupons to swap separated into categories, expired coupons for “Coups For Troops” (and a $1 voluntary donation for postage costs and no store coupons) and extra stockpile items to benefit the @Fort Mill Care Center.

Spread the word about our group to anyone you know who loves to save money using coupons. We look forward to seeing you there!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!  I am excited for the long weekend for Memorial Day!  I only went to two stores this weekend — Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter.  Here is what I got:

Bi-LoI spent $67.37 for $164.70 worth of items, saving 59%.  I used a $5/$25 Family Dollar coupon and a $5 Bi-Lo gift card Bi-Lo sent me for the 1% York County Sales Tax error.

I got a free Topcare Hand Sanitizer for answering the survey at the bottom of my receipt (don’t forget to do those), (2) Ball Park Buns for 14 cents each, (1) Kibbles N Bits Dog Food for 99 cents (used a $1 Bi-Lo store coupon), (4) Surf Laundry Detergents for 99 cents each, (3) Downy Liquid Fabric Softener for $1.66 (used a $1 Downy Food Lion store coupon), (7) Gain Liquid Fabric Softener for $1.99 each (great stock up price), (3) Mayfield Ice Cream for $1.99 each.  I also grabbed some meats on sale.

Harris Teeter I spent $42.81 for $164.76, saving 74%.  I used a $5/$25 Family Dollar coupon and $20 on my VIC card from the Harris Teeter Pharmacy Reward program.

I got (3) Ragu Pasta Sauce for FREE, (2) Bush’s Grillin Beans for 17 cents each, (6) Mueller’s Elbow Macaroni for 20 cents each, (4) Garland Jack BBQ Sauce for 47 cents each, (2) Chips Ahoy for 47 cents each, (1) Vitamin Water for 75 cents (used Whole Foods store coupon), (3) Hellman’s Mayo for 82 cents each, (used a $1 Food Lion store coupon plus $.25 EVIC coupon), (2) Luigi’s Italian Ice for 82 cents each, (2) Capri Sun for 97 cents each (you can also price match at Walmart today only.  This is a GREAT stock up price!), and (2) Sargento Sliced Cheese for 97 cents each.  I also grabbed some ribs and plates on sale for 87 cents each.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Memorial Day!!!!


Another Harris Teeter Triples Trip: Spent $2.61 For $64.05!!!!

Look at what I got today from Harris Teeter!  I used a $10 CVS ECB I got from purchasing Huggies Pullups from CVS, (1) $5/$25 Family Dollar coupon, (1) $3/$8 or more meat purchase coupon from Food Lion (2) 99 cents Walgreens RR that tripled to $2.97, (1) $3.00 off my next shopping order coupon from the Oscar Meyer meat I purchased at Food Lion, and other manufacturer coupons to get meat, frozen fruit, dog food and orange juice for $2.61 –  a savings of 96%!!!!!  The Kibbles N Bits dog food was B1G1 at $8.94 and I used a $2.50 manufacturer coupon.  The frozen fruit was free using 75 cent coupons that tripled.  Wow, what a FANTASTIC way to save on meat!!!!


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  This has been a VERY busy weekend of shopping for me.  With triples at Harris Teeter, plus some other deals I definitely spent my weekend shopping.  So let’s get to what shopping I did this week weekend:

Harris Teeter:  Of course I did more triples shopping again in addition to deals I have already gotten.  I made separate trips and could not get all the items in one picture.  I spent $117.48 for $419.40 worth of items, saving 72%.  I bought different things on these trips and also got produce and meats.  I was also able to use (2) $10/$50 Dollar General coupons, (1) $3.00 coupon from the Oscar Meyer deal I told you about yesterday, (2) 99 RR that tripled that I told you about earlier this week, and I used some Food Lion store coupons to get $3/$5 produce purchase, $3/$8 meat purchase and $1.50/$4.00 cheese purchase (print these here) (thanks @CouponMama).  Plus, I used some rainchecks including a raincheck I had for (2) 2 lb. HT ground chuck for $4.97 each.  Here are the highlights of what I got:

FREE: (3) Dole Fruit Crisps, (1) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (for buying the Kingsford Charcoal), (3) Dole Frozen Fruit Cups (1) Oral B Floss, (1) Heluva Good Dip

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Colgate Toothbrushes for 5 cents each (raincheck), (5) Coffeemate Creamers for 17 cents (raincheck), (3) Ball Park Buns for 34 cents each, (5) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners for 44 cents (thanks to Mrs. Mary who gave me coupons for $1 off in the store today), (3) Gain Dish Liquid for 49 cents, (3) Ken’s Marinades for 62 cents, (2) Pampers Wipes for 64 cents, (1) Charmin Freshmates for 75 cents, (1) HT Coffee Filters for 85 cents (used a raincheck)

More Than $1.00:  (3) Welch’s Grape Juice for $1.04 each, (3) Chock Full of Nuts Coffee for $1.74 each, (4) Sparkle Paper Towels for $1.85 (2 on EVIC and used a raincheck), (2) Angel Soft Toilet Tissue for $2.32 each (used a raincheck I had for $3.97 which was cheaper than the Saturday only special), (2)Kingsford Charcoal for $3.97

Lowes Food I spent $27.89 for $63.47 worth of items, saving 56%.  I used a $5/$25 Family Dollar store coupon on this trip.

I got a free 24 pack of Lowes Food Bottled Water for free (coupon in the Fort Mill coupon magazine — forgot the name), (4) Ragu Pasta Sauce for 14 cents each, (3) Sargento Sliced Cheese for $1 each.  I also bought (4) of the Edy’s Ice Cream and should have gotten a $4 Catalina (checkout) coupon, but it did not print so the store gave me a $4 store credit for my next purchase.

Bi-Lo:  I had to get to Bi-Lo because I placed a special order for 23 Weber Seasonings.  I was able to get these for free.  I spent $21.67 for $57.47 worth of items, saving 73%.

I used a $10/$50 Dollar General coupon and a $3/$8 meat purchase Food Lion store coupon on this trip.  I also got (3) Mentos for free using a raincheck for 99 cents, (1) Dixie Crystal Sugar for $1.19, (2) Lou Ana Canola Oil for $1.49 and (5) Lance Crackers for 46 cents each.

So another great week of deals!  I have one more trip to do to use some ECB from CVS and some 99 cent RR to triple at Harris Teeter before Tuesday.  I almost forgot to mention that I shopped with Flo today.  She is indeed enjoying triples.  We also saw Janette Francis from the Fort Mill Coupon group while shopping too working a deal at Target on the Smart Ones.

Now for some R and R….. enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat Deal: Paid $3.00 Rolling #CATALINA!

TGIF!!!!  I wanted to share a GREAT deal on Oscar Meyer Catalina deal going on at Food Lion and Bi-Lo and other stores.  Thanks to @CouponMama for the 411 on this deal:  I did this deal at Food Lion today:

1.  Bought 4 packs of Oscar Meyer Chicken Breast at 75 cents each.  Paid $3.00 total cash

2.  I received a $3.00 Catalina coupon to use on my next order

3.  Bought (4) more packs of Oscar Meyer Chicken Breast at 75 cents each.  Total = $3.00

4.  I used my $3.00 Catalina coupon to pay for this order

5.  Received another $3.00 Catalina to get more or you can use this coupon to pay for other items.

I got 12 packs for $3.00 or 25 cents each, plus a $3.00 Catalina to use later!

Go to CouponMama’s post to read more details on this deal.  You can also do this deal at Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter and other stores, but Food Lion has the best price on it now

Happy shopping!!!


Harris Teeter Triples #2: Spent $3.21 For $55.16 Worth Of Items!!!

Thursday is day 2 of Harris Teeter triples!  I spent $3.21 for $55.16 worth of items, saving 94%.  Here is what I got:

FREE:  (3) Tabasco Sauce, (3) Dole Frozen Fruit Cups, (3) Rosina Meatballs (used a B1G1 raincheck), (2) Jello Temptations

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Ortega Fajita Seasoning Mixes for 5 cents each, (3) Ballpark Angus Franks for 53 cents each, (1) Pampers Wipes for 64 cents, (3) French’s Yellow Mustard for 79 cents each

A few tips while you are out shopping:  Don’t forget to get rainchecks!  Rainchecks help you to fight inflation. Watch the prices of the items you are buying and calculate what the price per item is.  Just because you have a coupon that can triple in value doesn’t necessarily make it a great deal.  You maybe able to get that product somewhere else with the item on sale and doubling the coupon.

Stay tuned for more deals….


Harris Teeter Triples Trip #1: Spent $4.71 For $51.61 Worth Of Items!!!

Great Wednesday morning!  You should know by now that today is the first day of Triples at Harris Teeter.  I made my early morning journey as I usually do so I can get back home in time to start work.  Guess who joined me again for this trip.  You guessed it – Flo!!!!  This was her first time doing triples and she was on her coupon game.  She spent $12.74 and saved $44.47, saving 78%!  As for me I spent $4.71 for $51.61 worth of items, saving 91%!!!  Here is what I got:

FREE:  (3) French’s Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (I used a raincheck which made them $1.39 each) and Breakstone Sour Cream (used a coupon for free sour cream wyb 3 Hidden Valley Dressing Mix – got from a tearpad awhile back)

$1.00 or Less:  (3) YoCrunch Yogurt Packs for 2 cents each, (4) Ortega Fajita Seasoning Mix for 5 cents each, (3) Pepperidge Farms Baked Natural Crisps for 25 cents each,  (3) Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing Mix for 25 cents each, (3) French’s Worcestershire Sauce for 30 cents each, and (3) Kleenex Hand Towels for 74 cents each

Stay tuned for more at Harris Teeter triples…….