Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you staying cool and enjoying your weekend.  Well, after all the Super Double shopping this past week at Harris Teeter, I took a hiatus to regroup and reorganize my coupon binder.  I have to say the shopping I did at Harris Teeter during Super Doubles this past week was some of the best deals I have gotten in a while.  I definitely enjoyed it!  I didn’t even get to post all of my deals for you to see between, work, church, family and sleeping.  Plus, my oldest son Jalen celebrated his 13th birthday on Thursday (6/28) and we are having a birthday party for him tonight (he is really digging becoming a teenager officially – smile).

Today, I hit three stores – Harris Teeter, CVS, and Bi-Lo:

Harris Teeter I spent $49.11 for $162.94 worth of items, saving 70%.  I used a $5/$25 Dollar General coupon, $10 in Walgreen RRs, and a few store competitor coupons on this trip.  I also used (3) Lowes Foods rain checks on this trip as well.

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Luigi’s Italian Ice for 22 cents each (used a LF BOGO rain check), (6) Suddenly Salad Pasta Mix for 50 cents each, (1) Lawry’s Marinade for 69 cents, (4) Turkey Hill Teas for 72 cents each, (2) Blue Diamond Nuts for 87 cents each, (4) Minute Maid Juice Bars for 92 cents each (used a LF BOGO rain check), (3) HT Packs of Chicken Drumsticks for 99 cents a pound (used a LF rain check).  I would have gotten a box of Hefty Slider Bags for free with a manufacturer coupon and stacked with an EVIC coupon, but my (internet printable) manufacturer coupon would not scan so they would not take it.  I did not press the issue since that is in their coupon policy not to accept internet coupons that don’t scan.  Besides, I was headed to Bi-Lo next and knew I would be able to get them there since they are on sale (and at a cheaper price).

Bi-Lo I spent $17.61 for $103.53, saving 83%.  I used a $5/$40 Bi-Lo coupon, a few store competitor coupons and earned 10 cents in extra Fuelperks on this trip:

FREE:  (2) SH Facial Tissues (for answering the Bi-Lo surveys — don’t forget to do them to get a free item coupon)

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Hefty Slider Bags for 15 cents each, (3) Ballpark Buns for 42 cents each, (2) Kingsford Charcoal for 49 cents each (used a (2) $3 manufacturer coupon and (2) $1 Food Lion coupons), (6) Scott Flushable Refill Wipes for 88 cents each (used a rain check), (1) Propel Single for 49 cents

CVS:  I went to CVS to get a deal on Huggies Nighttime Pullups for my daughter.   They were on sale for $10 each for the jumbo packs.  If you bought 3, you would get $10 in ECB.   I spent $21.40 for 3 packs of Pullups, saving 47% (used (3) $2 manufacturer coupons and (2) $2 CVS coupons), and got $10 in ECB  to spend on a future trip.

So that is it for my shopping today.  I plan to go to Harris Teeter tomorrow (Sunday) to get the EVIC milk deal.

So until next time, the next deal, the next shopping trip, have a great rest of the weekend!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  My weekly shopping started on Wednesday and has been non stop ever since!  You should know by now if you have not seen my previous posts that Harris Teeter is currently running Super Doubles.  Here is one post on my 1st trip where I spent 99 cents on the Wednesday.  For my shopping today, I went to two Harris Teeter stores early this morning because my boys were coming home from camp today and I needed to pick them up (I missed them all week) around noontime.  In total I spent $46.14 for $226.14 worth of items, saving 80%.  These trips included getting some EVIC specials, meat deals and some of my FREE Keri Lotion I have been searching.  I also used a $3/$30 on one of the trips that I got from Food Lion.  Also, joining me on my run this morning was my friend Flo.  She is getting some great deals as well.

Now for what I got (all items not in picture):

FREE ITEMS:  (5) Keri Lotions (used a B1G1 rain check and doubled $2 coupons on them), (1) Campho Phenique (found on clearance for 75 cents but my coupon did not double), (2) Glade Sense & Spray, (3) Smart Balance Butter, (2) Pantene Shampoos (found on clearance and used a $2 Catalina, a $2 Food Lion Store coupon and $1 EVIC coupon), (2) Kraft BBQ Sauce, (2) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce

$1.00 or Less:  (1) Countrytime Half & Half for 15 cents, (3) Lea & Perrin Worcestershire Sauce for 50 cents, (3) Fruity Pebbles for 90 cents each (got a $2 Catalina back), (2) Magnum Ice Cream Bars for 99 cents each (got a $2 Catalina back), (3) Lloyd’s Shredded BBQ Beef/Chicken for $1 each (used $1 manufacturer coupon and $2 HT Store coupons hanging by them)

The Rest of It:  (1) Neosporin for $1.49, (4) V8 Splash Juices for $1.50 each, (2) California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas for $1.99 each (got a $1 Catalina back), (2) Brawny Paper Towels for $2.77 each, (2) Kingsford Charcoal for $2.97 each (I used a rain check I had for $4.97 and (2) $1 off charcoal coupons I found at Food Lion about a month ago.  Plus this was better than the EVIC Saturday special), (2) HT Rancher 2 lb Ground Beef for $2.97 each (I used my $2 off Ground Beef EVIC special wyb the charcoal and used (2) $1 off meat coupons wyb the Lea & Perrin Sauce), (1) HT Steak (on clearance for $1.60 and I used (1) $1 off meat wyb Lea & Perrin Sauce)

Also on Thursday evening, I made a quick run to Bi-LO (plus I needed to change the pace from HT :)).  I spent $1.98 ($23.78 saved 96%) for 10 Bounty Napkins (used a raincheck) and 3 Kleenex Hand Towels.

I love these hand towels!!!!  They are on sale for $1.99 and with the 75 cents coupons they are 49 cents each.  Plus, when you buy 3 you get 10 cents in Fuelperks.

Whew!!!!  I still have a few more deals to get before Super Doubles are over.  For now, I am taking a break.  My husband and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on tomorrow (6/24) and we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  With all the money I have saved this week, we are well within budget to go out and celebrate.  (smile)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




Harris Teeter SD Trip #3: Spent $1.92 For $71.06 Worth of Items – Paid 99 Cents For Dog Food!!!

TGIF!  This is my third trip to HT.  I made this quick run last night.  My dog needed some dog food and had to get my FREE Wisk Laundry Detergent.  I am more excited about this trip than when I spent 99 cents on my first trip because I got an awesome deal on dog food.  I spent $1.92 for $71.06 worth of items, saving 97%!!!

FREE ITEMS:  (3) Smart Balance Milks, (3) Smart Balance Butters, (3) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, (1) Poise Pantiliners, (4) Wisk Laundry Detergent (I used 2 rainchecks for $2.99 and $3.97 each), (2) Kraft BBQ Sauce

$1.00 or Less:  (1) Countrytime Half & Half Lemonade for 15 cents (used a $2 peelie I had for buying the Kraft BBQ Sauce) and FINALLY (2) big bags of Kibbles N Bits FOR 49 CENTS EACH (I had a raincheck for the Kibbles N Bits for BOGO.  I used (2) $2 Walgreens RR that doubled to $8 total, (2) $1 Kibbles N Bits manufacturer coupons that doubled to $4 total, and (2) $1.50 Bi-LO Store coupons for pet products for $3.00 total.  So two bags cost $15.99 – $8.00 – $4.00 – $3.00 = 99 cents for 2 bags.)  Dogs have to eat too, right????

Stay tuned because I still have more to get including FREE Keri Lotion and some other raincheck items!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #2: Spent $4.17 For $99.51 Worth Of Items!!!!

Happy Thursday!  I made another 6:00 AM run to Harris Teeter with my friend Flo.  I spent $4.17 for $99.51 worth of items, saving 96%!!! 

FREE ITEMS:  (1) Always Pantiliners, (1) Always Infinity Pads (used manufacturer, EVIC and Publix Store coupons), (2) Glade Press & Spray Kit (on clearance for $2.74 and used (2) $3.50, but I did not get overage), (2) Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spreads, (1) Garland Jack BBQ Sauce, (1) Kraft Sizzlin Salad Kit (I was supposed to get these free yesterday with my EVIC, but got them today)

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Hanover Baked Beans for 25 cents each, (1) Always Pads for 29 cents, (6) Simply Potatoes for 38 cents each, (3) Secret Deodorants for 50 cents each, (2) Jimmy Dean Quesadillas for 58 cents each (used $1.50 Bi-Lo store coupon off Frozen Entrees) and (2) Klondike Bars for 77 cents

The store was still pretty well stock except for the Smart Balance Butter.  Boy am I loving my savings % so far!!!!  Plus, I still have to get my FREE Wisk and Keri Lotion with rainchecks I have.  Stay tuned……


Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #1: Spent 99 CENTS FOR $125.67 Worth Of Items!!!!

Great Wednesday morning!  Today is the first day of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter.  They are doubling coupons $2.00 and under (and it does work)!!!!  I hit the store at 6:00 AM with my friend Flo.  I spent $.99 cents for $125.67 worth of items, saving 99%!!!!!

Wow!!!!  How did I do that?  I used a $20 Harris Teeter Pharmacy reward credit and the rest was coupons (manufacturer and competitor).  I ended up with $7.48 in overage and added in some Orange Juice and Smart Balance Popcorn (B2G3).  Now let’s see what I got:

FREE:  (3) Smart Balance Butter, (3) Smart Balance Milk, (1) Lipton Pure Leaf tea, (1) Glade Scent Decor, (2) HT Trash Bags (used (2) $1 Bi-Lo coupon), (1) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, (1) Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl, (5) Smart Balance Popcorn (my receipt says I got all 5 for free!!!)

$1.00 or Less:  (6) Simply Potatoes for 38 cents each, (3) Front Porch Ice Cream for 49 cents, (2) Ritz Crackers for 57 cents each (used a manufacturer and $1 Bi-Lo store coupon), (4) Kotex Natural Balance Pads for 99 cents each

I was supposed to get the Garland Jack BBQ and the Kraft Sizzlin Salad Kit for free with my EVIC coupons, but they did not come off.  I didn’t realize that until after I got back home and checked my receipt.  Since I only paid 99 cents for all of this, I won’t complain.  (smile)

Stay tuned for more for more deals….I see FREE Wisk and Keri Lotion in my future!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!

Happy Saturday!  My week has been pretty busy with new responsibilities I have taken on at my job.  Also, my boys are leaving for camp for one week on tomorrow so I have been busy packing and getting them ready as well.  I made it to two stores today:  Harris Teeter and Bi-LO (goodbye Lowes Foods Fort Mill).  Here is the summary of what I got today:

Harris TeeterI spent $38.86 for $109.22 worth of items, saving 64%. I used an expired $5/$50 coupon from Lowes Foods on this purchase.

$2.00 or Less:  (4) boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal for 67 cents each, (4) Texas Toast Croutons for 67 cents each, (4) Starkist Tuna for 67 cents each, (3) Zatarain’s Rice Mix for 67 cents each, (4) Ballpark Buns for 89 cents each, (2) HT Eggs for 97 cents each, (2) McCormick Bacon Bits for 99 cents each, (2) Kleenex Hand Towels for $1.00 each, (3) Johnsonville Sausage for $1.24 each

Bi-LoI spent $67.60 for $141.92 worth of items, saving 52%.

Free: (2) SH Paper Towels, (2) Clear Value Cups (BL coupons left in the store) and (1) SH Facial Tissue (don’t forget to do those surveys at the bottom of your receipt.

$2.00 or Less: (8) Suddenly Salad Pasta Mix for 50 cents each, (5) Seafood Snackers for $1.00 each, (2) Aquafina Bottled Water for $1.49 (used $2 Publix coupons), (4) Gwaltney Bacon for $1.93 each, (10) Chef Boyardee for $1.00 each, (8) Chef Boyardee Microwave Cups for 75 cents each), (4) Del Monte Naturals for $1.00 each, and (2) Bar S Bologna for $1.00 each

It actually felt odd not shopping three stores today with Lowes Foods closing on Thursday.  Besides, I didn’t need to buy quite as much for the week since my boys are off to camp tomorrow.

If you have not heard by now, it has been confirmed that Harris Teeter is doing Super Super Doubles starting this Wednesday, June 20th.  They are DOUBLING COUPONS $2.00 OR LESS IN VALUE!!!  They normally double up to $1.98 during super doubles so this is even better.  I see free Wisk and Keri Lotion in my future!!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!