Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  This week has been a very busy work week for me.  I am so glad it is the weekend!  What better for me to unwind then to do some shopping with coupons.  I have to say this week I was not overly impressed with the deals, but I still had some things on my list to get.  I made it to 4 stores today:  Harris Teeter, Walgreens, Bi-Lo and (yes) Food Lion.

Harris Teeter:  The Harris Teeter ad was boring this week.  I spent $38.95 for $104.73 worth of items, saving 63%.  I used a $5/$50 Bi-Lo Coupon on this trip.

FREE ITEMS:  (3) Stayfree Pads (I hope you have been getting them too.  They are on sale until 8/7.  They make great donation items!)

$2.00 Or Less:  (2) Johnsonville Smoked Sausage for 74 cents each, (3) Pillsbury Biscuits for 80 cents, (2) HT Eggs for 97 cents each, (2) McCormick Bac N Pieces for 99 cents each, (4) Buitoni Pasta for 99 cents each and (2) Ziploc Containers for $1.22 each

I also got the Scott Tissue for $3.27.

Bi-Lo:  My trip to Bi-Lo was mainly for meats and produce.  I spent $38.79 for $83.17 worth of items, saving 53%.  I used a $5/$25 Bi-Lo Meat purchase coupon and a $2/$10 Bi-Lo Produce coupon on this trip.

FREE ITEMS:  Oscar Mayer Bacon (I got this coupon in the mail) and Crest Toothpaste (free plus 50 cent overage using a manufacturer and Publix Store coupon)

$1.00 or Less:  (2) Suave Bodywash for 38 cents each, (4) Birdseye Veggies for 75 cents each

At Walgreens, I made a quick stop to grab two boxes of Summer Eve Fresh Feminine Cloths.  They are B1G1 for $2.99 and I used $2/2 manufacturer coupon to get both boxes for $1.20.  I made a quick run to Food Lion to buy ground chuck on sale for $1.99/lb.

I will be going to Bi-Lo tomorrow to get the Surf Laundry Detergent.  There will be a $1 manufacturer coupon in tomorrow’s (7/29) newspaper which will make it 99 cents each (Sunday Coupon Preview).  This is a great stock up price!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!  My weekend once again was another weekend of couponing.  First, I taught a basic coupon class today at my church World Worship Church.  I had fun sharing “just what is this couponing thing all about anyway” with: Karla (she won a coupon starter kit), Laurette, Raquel, Melva, Linda, Sylvia T., Christine, Uniqua and Penny.  I believe they are all pumped and ready to save more and spend less using coupons!!!!  Special thanks to Flo and Carolyn for helping with the class!

As far as shopping for me this weekend, I hit 2 stores:  Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.  My main focus was EVIC specials, meats and produce.

Harris Teeter:  I did two trips today (on my first trip I shopped with Flo and Carolyn).  I love me some Gain laundry detergent!!!!  It was the Saturday only EVIC special at Harris Teeter.  Coupons for $1/1 and $2/2 will be in Sunday’s (7/22) SS insert.  However, I was able to get my coupons on Friday because the Chester County, SC newspaper — The News & Reporter — has the coupons in it on Friday.  So my hubby made a quick road trip to get me several copies so I could get my Gain today.  On my second trip, I used a  $5/$30 Food Lion Store competitor.  For both trips combined today, I spent $44.98 for $143.39 worth of items, saving 69%.

Free Items:  (6) Stayfree Pads (used coupons I got from Chester newspaper on Friday)

$2.00 or Less:  (5) Wishbone Salad Dressings for 16 cents each, (6) Barilla Pasta for 45 cents each, (5) Knorr Rice Mix for $1.00 each, (4) Gain Laundry Detergents for $1.97 each (used (2) $1/1 Gain manufacturer coupon and (2) $1 off Gain Food Lion Store coupons and (2) Kashi Cereal for $1.47 each (Two very nice ladies were do a demo of the cereal while I was shopping and were giving out $1/2 Kashi coupons)

Bi-Lo:  For my trip to Bi-Lo, I mostly bought meats and produce.  I spent $72.58 for $175.83, saving 59%.  That is a very good savings percentage, especially since I got some great deals on meat and produce.

I received some coupons in the mail this past week from Bi-Lo and I used 3 of them today on this trip:  $5/$50 total purchase, $5/$25 meat purchase, and $2/$10 produce purchase.  That was $12 in savings I used towards my meat and produce.  Plus, several packages of the meats had coupons on them as well.  The Mountain Springs Chicken also had coupons on them and I also used (3) $1.50 off manufacturer coupons to get three packs for less than  $1 each.   I also use $8 in Register Rewards I got from Walgreens and a $1 coupon off meat Catalina coupon for buying Hamburger Helper last week at Harris Teeter.  Other items I got were (5) boxes of SH Fruit Snacks for free, (2) dozen eggs for 68 cents each, (4) SH Apple Juice for 99 cents each and (6) Sargento Cheese for $1.50 each.

There are rumors of triples at Harris Teeter starting this week on 7/25.  I asked one of the store managers today while I was shopping and he confirmed that there WILL NOT BE TRIPLES this week (he has the ad for next week).  I am a little disappointed, but you never know what could happen in coupon world.  If I hear anything different I will let you…..

Have a blessed rest of the weekend!



#FREE Bag of Groceries @FoodLion (Select Areas): Go Get Yours!!!!

Great Wednesday morning!  Food Lion is running a promotion AT SPECIFIC LOCATIONS — they are giving away a FREE bag of Food Lion Brand products to the FIRST 50 shoppers starting Wed. July 18th – Sat. July 21st.  I (or should I say my husband) got our bag this morning and here is what was in it:

Ketchup, Dish Detergent, Paper Towel, BBQ Sauce, Cereal, Spaghetti, and Crackers

Please make sure you check to see if your area is running this promotion this week.  No purchase is necessary.  If you missed it today, there is always tomorrow, but I would advise you to get there early if you want one.




Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!!

Happy Weekend!  I spent most of my day today doing something coupon related — using coupons and swapping coupons at the Fort Mill Coupon Group today.  So let’s just say my day was all about coupons (and you know I enjoyed it).  I actually shopped three stores this weekend (multiple trips due to items out of stock):  Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo and Walgreens.  I had to shop for produce and meat along with some other stockpile items.  Let’s see how I did this week:

Harris Teeter:  I went to three different stores.  My first trip I spent $35.95 for $108.40 worth of items, saving 67%.

FREE:  (3) Bandaids and (1) dozen Davidson eggs (Harris Teeter sent me a store coupon and I used a 75 cent coupon doubled to $1.50 to help pay for the cost of my total order).

$1.00 or Less:  (3) Tetley Teas for 32 cents each, (2) Ball Park Franks for 22 cents each, (6) Barilla Pasta for 45 cents each, (3) International Delight Creamer for 57 cents each, (3) Hamburger Helper for 75 cents each (got a $1 Catalina back and I plan to roll to get more of these and you could also do this deal at Bi-Lo), (2) Turkey Hill Teas for 75 cents each, (2) bunches of bananas for 90 cents each (coupon on the Nilla Wafers to get 55 cents off bananas wyb the Nilla Wafers.  The coupon doubled to $1.10)

Walgreens:  I stopped by Wags to grab the deal on the 12 pack of Cottonelle Toilet Tissue.  They are on sale for $5.00 each and I used a $1 Internet Printable manufacturer coupon and $1 WAGS coupon to get two for $6.70 ($3.35 each), saving 37%.

Although this percentage is not that high, $3 is a great stock up price for a 12 pack of toilet tissue.  This is why it is important to know what is a good price to stockpile.  If you are a Harris Teeter EVIC customer, this same toilet tissue is on sale for $5.97, however I chose to get this at WAGS stacking the coupons instead.

Bi-Lo:  My trip to Bi-Lo was for meats and produce.  I spent $81.88 for $130.62, saving only 37%.  I did use a $2/$10 produce coupon on this trip.

$1.00 or Less:  (3) SH Coffee Filters for 29 cents each (used some BL store coupons), (4) Suave Body Wash for 38 cents each, (4) Banquet Brown N Serve Sausage for 50 cents each (coupons from a box I had), (2) Zest Body Wash for 99 cents each (forgot to include body washes in this picture), (2) Fresh Express Shreds for $1 each and (5) Pasta Roni for $1 each

Harris Teeter (#2 and #3):  The Fort Mill store was out of some items I planned to get today so I traveled into Charlotte to grab these items.  I spent $26.35 for $134.55, saving 80%.

FREE:  (4) boxes of Kellogg’s Caramel Crunchy Nut Cereal (on sale for $2 – $1 off instantly from HT per box and then used (3) $.70 manufacturer coupon.  I only used 3 like coupons and overage went towards total cost).  You gotta love getting free cereal!

$1.00 or Less:  (2) HT Gallon Milks for 99 cents each – I had coupons for $1.50 off milk wyb the Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  The cookies were $1.25 each using a $1/2 coupon.   There is also a 75 cent coupon on the cookies, but I didn’t have this coupon.  I still decided to buy the cookies so I could get the milk at a great price.

I also grabbed (2) Clearasil Perfecta Wash Kits.  These are on sale for $9.99.  I used a B1G1 coupon and (2) $2 off manufacturer coupons to get both of them for $5.99 each (plus tax) or for $2.99 each.  Plus I was able to snag a rain check for these as well.

So another great coupon day indeed!  I plan to go back to Harris Teeter Sunday to get my Blue Bunny Ice Cream which is the EVIC special.  It will be $1.77 after the $1 coupon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

Reminder: #Fort Mill #Coupon Group Meeting Is Tomorrow, 7/14th!!!!

Come on out and join us for the next Fort Mill coupon meeting:

Saturday, July 14th from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at the Baxter Village Library @Fort Mill, SC.

So come out and meet other neighbors who love to save money using coupons, bring coupons to swap separated into categories, expired coupons for “Coups For Troops” (and a $1 voluntary donation for postage costs and no store coupons) and extra stockpile items to benefit the @Fort Mill Care Center.

Spread the word about our group to anyone you know who loves to save money using coupons. We look forward to seeing you there!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  This weekend I made it to my usual two stores – Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.  My focus this week was on meats, some other staple/stockpile items and two Proctor & Gamble promotions.  Let’s get to what I got:

Harris Teeter:  I did two separate transactions at Harris Teeter.  For my first transaction I wanted to try the Proctor & Gamble promotion where if you buy $40 worth of P&G products you get a $10 coupon off your next shopping order (spend $35 get $7, spend $50 get $15).  Well, this deal worked out, but not exactly as I planned. In the end I only paid $1.80 for $51.01 worth of items, saving 96%. 

Here is how it went:

(2) Olay Body Washes – $4.89 x2 = $9.78 – (1) $3/2 Olay coupons – (1) $3/2 EVIC coupon = $3.78 Total

(1) Olay Regenerist Cleanser – $6.83 – $3 manufacturer coupon – (1) $3 EVIC coupon = 83 cents Total

(5) Febreze products -  $16.95 total – $5/5 manufacturer coupon – $5 in EVIC coupons (these did not automatically come over so the manager gave me $5 for the inconvenience) – $2.99 (used (1) manufacturer coupon for a free Set & Refresh wyb the Fabric Freshener) = $3.96 Total

(1) Ivory Soap Pack – $1.55 – $1/1 manufacturer coupon = 55 cents each

I also used a $5/$25 Family Dollar coupon and $10 in ECB from CVS for purchasing the Huggies last week.    I will also use this receipt for the Olay rebate.  I thought my total was over $40, but the Catalina machine printed out a $7 coupon so it recognized my total as $35.

My second transaction, I spent $16.43 for $56.04 worth of items, saving 71%.  I used a $5/$25 Family Dollar coupon on this transaction as well. (Ignore the onions in the picture, I bought those at Bi-Lo)

FREE ITEMS:  (4) Kraft BBQ Sauce and (2) Countrytime Lemonade (used a Lowes Foods rain check)

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Deer Park Sparkling Waters for 38 cents each and (2) Rothbury Organic Croutons for 97 cents each

Bi-Lo:  For this trip I also did two separate transactions.  For this first transaction I wanted to do a Proctor & Gamble promotion where if you buy $30 or more in P&G products, you can submit your receipt for a mail in offer to get a free customized spectator chair and blanket (see this week’s Bi-Lo ad for details).  I spent $8.75 for $46.85, saving 81%.

This is how I did this deal:

(4) Bounce Dryer Bars:  $3.99 each = $15.96 – (4) $.50/1 coupons doubled to $1 each – (2) $2/2 Target Bounce coupons = $7.96 total The packages have $4 in coupons in them one of which is a $2 coupon for the dryer bar.  I plan to roll this deal and use the $2/2 Target coupon to get more, paying 99 cents each.

(2) Downy Fabric Softeners (used rain check for $2.99) = $5.98 – (2) $1 Downy manufacturer coupons – (1) $2/2 Downy Target coupons = $1.98 total

(2) Ivory Body Wash (used rain check for $2.00) = $4.00 – (2) $1 Ivory manufacturer coupons = $2.00 total

(1) Cascade Action Pacs = $3.99 – $2 Cascade manufacturer coupon – $1 Food Lion Cascade coupon (check your local Food Lion for the P&G coupon booklets) = 99 cents total

(1) Crest Rinse = $4.59 – 75 cents coupon doubled to $1.50 = $3.09 (we need some)

I also used my $7 coupon I got from Harris Teeter to pay for this as well.

On my second trip, I spent $63.94 for $162.73 worth of items, saving 61%.  I used a $5/$25 Bi-Lo meat purchase coupon and $5/$50 Bi-Lo total order coupon.

FREE Items:  (1) SH Facial Tissues (remember to answer those surveys at the bottom of your receipt) and (1) SH eggs (wyb 2 Borden Cheese products)

$1.00 or Less:  (7) Chi Chi’s Tortillas for 4 cents each, (4) Chi Chi’s Salsa for 34 cents each, (2) Johnsonville Italian Cheese Sausage for 99 cents each, and (1) Clorox Wipes for $1 (used Food Lion coupon)

I also did the deal where wyb (2) Borden Cheese products you get a free dozen SH eggs.  I did one deal for this and it cost $1.59 for each item.

I really loved the P&G deals at Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.  I will have to share a picture of my chair when I get it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!