Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!  I spent part of my day today with @Coupon Mama AKA @Travise Smith at her coupon class.   She asked me people to share on saving money at Harris Teeter with coupons.  I had a fun time (laughter is good for the soul) indeed!  I met some fantastic people and hope they learned some great things to start saving money, not just at Harris Teeter, but every store they shop.  When I attend one of Coupon Mama’s coupon classes, I am always reminded that my coupons are a great way to witness to others about Jesus.  Travise is a FANTASTIC coupon teacher and I truly think of her as my “coupon mama” because I have learned so much from her.  I was very honored to be a part and share what I know about Harris Teeter.  Plus, the cost of the class was a fundraiser for the @Walk to End Alzheimer’s organization!

Now for my shopping today.  I made two trips to Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.

Harris TeeterI spent $48.25 for $173.63 worth of items, saving 71%.  I used a $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon as well as some competitor coupons on this trip.  I also got a $3 Catalina coupon on this trip for purchasing the Cottonelle Toilet Tissue.  I also grabbed three packs of meat on mark down.

FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (1) All Laundry Detergent — I used a $4 off any All Laundry that I got in the mail from BJ’S (yes my HT accepts these as competitor coupons).  I purchased one of them instead of two so I could overage towards my other items.  Thanks to @Debra Hargrove for that tip because I forgot I had that coupon.

$1.00 or Less:  (6) Pioneer Gravy Mix for 8 cents each, (2) Morningstar Frozen Entrees for 49 cents each, (8) Buitoni Pasta for 49 cents each, (2) HT Sliced Mushrooms for 77 cents each, (4) Campbell’s Condensed Soups for 80 cents each, (2) HT dozen eggs for 99 cents each, (5) Rice A Roni for $1 each

$1.00 or more:  (5) Ragu Pasta Sauce for $1.43 (no coupons but we are all out of pasta sauce and it was B2G3), (3) Cottonelle Bath Tissue for $3.99 each (I used 3 $1 peelies and (3) $1 Walgreen Store coupons (they expire today), (4) Pompeian Olive Oil for $3.49 — I saw these were on clearance for $4.49 each.  This is a great deal on olive oil!

Now here is a big upcoming announcement for all Harris Teeter shoppers who are in the Publix market area.  I am sure you know by now that Publix will be opening in Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC in October.  I heard that this coming Wednesday, 10/3, HT shoppers in those markets will get an announcement about some great things coming our way.  This is all because of Publix coming to our area.  Competition is good!  I am not sure what it is exactly so check your email this Wednesday, 10/3 to find out.  I am also planing to do a blog post about Publix so stay tuned for that.

Bi-Lo I spent $46.04 for $97.76 worth of items, saving 53%. I used a $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon, a $5/$35 meat purchase Bilo coupon, the $3 Catalina I got earlier from Harris Teeter for purchasing the Cottonelle and some competitor coupons (thanks to whoever left them at Food Lion) on this trip.  I also got a $3 Catalina for purchasing 4 Crystal Light Drink Sticks.

$1.00 or Less: (3) Clear Value Frozen Veggies for 66 cents each (used $1 frozen vegetables Food Lion store coupon (2) Ritz Cracker Munchables for 75 cents each (I used 4 coupons on this:  $1/2 manufacturer, (1) $1.50/1 Food Lion Store coupon, (1) $1/1 Bilo store coupon I got in the mail, and (1) $1/2 Target store coupon, (2) packs of Clear Value cups for $1 each

$1.00 or More:  (4) Crystal Light Drink Sticks for $1.49 each, Digorno Cheese for $1.86 each, (1) Eggo Syrup (on clearance) for $1.84

Don’t forget about the Unilever promotion I told you about earlier if you have men in your life that love the Dove Men Body wash (read more here).  Also, remember the $10 gas card I should have got from Harris Teeter for the General Mills Stock Up promotion about a month ago?  Well, I got my $10 gas card in the mail today.

What deals have you found this week?  Of course, I will be getting the Dove Bodywash (I did a special order) and I forgot about using my 50 Heinz Ketchup coupons at Harris Teeter to get it for 99 cents each.  Those coupons expire 9/30 so I need to use them tomorrow.


Heads Up On Harris Teeter Unilever Promotion!!!

Happy Thursday!  I meant to post this deal yesterday, but time flew by.  Harris Teeter is running a Unilever promotion from now until October 9th (check the details here).  You can buy 3 Unilever products (mix and match) and get $3 off instantly.  This is exciting for me because my husband loves the Dove’s Men Body Wash.  I am planning to do a major stockpile on them.  Here is the transaction I did yesterday to test this out:

I Purchased:

(2) Degree Deodorants $ 2.50 each or $5.00

(1) Dove Men Body Wash $3.99

Total $8.99

Used the following coupons:

(2) $.75/1 Degree Deodorant Coupons (looks like it is a 50 cent coupon now) – Deduct $3.00

(1) $1/1 Dove Body Wash Coupon - Deduct $1.00

Deduct $3 off instantly for the Unilever Promotion (it did not come off instantly so the manager did an override)

Total Amount Paid (with tax) = 2.62 or 87 cents each

The coupons for this promotion get even better on Sunday, 9/30.  The Sunday Coupon Preview shows that we will be getting a $2/1 Dove Men Body Wash coupon in the Red Plum insert.  Therefore, I am planning to do several transactions in multiples of threes and purchase 3 Dove Men Body Wash and use (3) $2/1 Dove Men Body Wash coupons to pay $2.97 (plus tax) or 99 cents each.

Also, there is a great SavingStar coupon for Unilever products!  From now until Thanksgiving Day, you can save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any of the products in the Unilever family.  If you have not signed up with SavingStar, go here to find our more and sign up.  It is a great way to save additional money on items you buy.

This is a great stock up price and a great way to stockpile on men care items for the great men in your life!


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!

Happy Saturday!  I am enjoying a very relaxing weekend and I hope you are too.  After another week of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter this past week, I made a small trip to Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo this morning.  I am pretty stocked on most items, but take advantage of a few deals plus I need to purchase some meat and produce.

Harris Teeter:  I spent $30.63 for $100.69 worth of items, saving 70%.  I used a $5/$25 Harris Teeter coupon from the Harris Teeter ad in last Thursday’s edition of the Charlotte Observer and a $2/$10 Food Lion meat coupon.  I also got 50 bonus Boxtops for my kids’ schools.

FREE ITEMS:  (3) Truvia Sweetener (actually had 50 cents overage with EVIC coupon), (4) Lucky Charms/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Bars

$1.00 or Less:  (4) Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks for 12 cents each, (1) Harris Teeter Aluminum Foil for 97 cents, (2) Harris Teeter Trash Bags for $1.00 each

Bi-Lo:  I went to Bi-Lo to get produce and breakfast sausage.  I spent $7.00 for $32.73 worth of items, saving 79%.  I used a $1/$5 Food Lion Produce coupon and a $1.50 off Produce coupon from Bi-Lo on this trip.

The Johnsonville Sausage were 49 cents each.

So nothing overly exciting this week for my shopping adventure.  It is weeks like this when I am so glad I have a good stockpile of items.  I will be hitting Harris Teeter again tomorrow to grab the Gain Laundry Detergent on the EVIC Sunday only special for $1.97 each.  I love Gain!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday evening!  I had a packed Saturday with shopping, football and I went over to Rolando & Dekeita Stinson’s home to show them and friends how to coupon.  They have triplets and baby #4 on the way so I was more than happy to share with them.  Today my shopping trips were to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles trip #4.  I spent $22.45 for $110.90 worth of items, saving 80%.  I used a $10/$50 coupon from Recyclebank and (2) $2 Register Rewards from Walgreens on this trip.  I also got a $5 Catalina coupon for buying the Kraft Cheese.

FREE ITEMS:  (2) Chinet Plates

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Kahiki for 12 cents each, (6) Wisk Laundry Detergent for 97 cents each (used a raincheck), (4) HT Dozen Eggs for 97 cents each

$2.00 Or More:  (8) Kraft Cheese for $1.45 each, (2) Kibbles N Bits for $2.15 each (used a rain check and a $1.50 off pet product coupon from Bi-Lo — my dog gotta eat too), (2) 8 roll Sparkle Paper Towels for $2.97 each (used a rain check)

Bi-Lo:  I made a quick run to Bi-Lo Friday night to get Totino’s Pizza Rolls for $1 on sale, but they were out of them (got a rain check).  I also had some coupons to get a FREE BicFlame Disk and to grabbed free Carefree pantiliners.  The awesome thing about this trip was that I bought 6 Bicflame Disk for free and ended up at the register with $13.08 in overage.  This was because when they scanned the coupon, it scanned for $4.69 even though the item was on sale B1G1 for $2.34.  So with the overage I grabbed some meats.  I paid $1.50 for $43.74 worth of items, saving 97%.  (the Carefree and Hand Sanitizer I got for $1.37 at another Bi-Lo)

You should have seen me running to the back of the store to grab some meat to cover my overage!  That was totally not planned.  That was God’s favor for sure!!!!!

I am still not doing with Harris Teeter yet.  I still have some rain checks to use so stay tuned for a few more trips!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #3: Spent $.25 Cents For

TGIF!  I made another run to Harris Teeter today for Super Doubles today.  I spent a WHOPPING 25 CENTS for $126.09 worth of items, saving 100%.  Actually, I had 34 cents overage and I threw in a candy bar to cover the overage.  Plus, I got $3 in Catalina coupons to use on my next shopping trip for buying the Glade.  On this trip, I used (1) $2 Register Reward from Walgreens.  My breakdown below is what the items would have cost without me using the $2 Register Reward.

FREE WITH OVERAGE:  (1) Coffemate Natural Bliss Creamer, (2) Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kits, (2) Glade Oil Diffuser Refills, (2) Glade Fragrance Mist Starter Kits, (2) Glade Fragrance Mist Refills, (1) Harris Teeter 1/2 Gallon Milk ($2 off milk coupon wyb (3) Pop Tarts)

FREE ITEMS:  (2) McCain’s Potatoes, (1) Smithfield Bacon (rung as $5.35 and I got it for free because it is on sale for $3.50 — thanks @Shannon Marie Cole!), (2) El Monterrey Taquitos (used BOGO rain check)

$3.00 or Less:  (1) Ocean Spray 4-pack Blueberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water, (1) Scrubbing Bubbles for 50 cents, (2) Cooked Perfect Meatballs for 87 cents each, (3) Pop Tarts for 97 cents each, (1) Neutrogena Acne Soap for 55 cents each, (2) 8 pack Gatorade for $1.97 (they had hang tags on them), (2) Digorno Pizzas With Sides for $2.77 (I used a raincheck I had for $3.77 each)

What deals have you been getting at Harris Teeter this week?  You know I will go back for a few more trips (I have some rain checks I need to use).


Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #2: Spent $10.31 For $115.17, Saving 91%!!!

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday and almost the weekend and day #2 of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter!  I didn’t do an early run today, but went on my lunch break instead for a quick trip.  I didn’t buy as much food on this trip, but more household products.  I spent $10.31 for $115.17 worth of items, saving 91%.

FREE PLUS OVERAGE (using Harris Teeter EVIC coupons): (1) Scope Mouthwash, (1) Dawn Dish Detergent, (1) ZZZquil

FREE ITEMS:  (2) Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kits (used 2 – $4 off coupons on these as well for overage because I used (2) get one free coupon when I purchased the refills), (1) Febreze Car Freshener

$1.00 or Less:  (2) Kahiki Frozen Entrees for 12 cents each, (2) Neutrogena Acne Soaps for 55 cents each, (3) Cooked Perfect Meatballs for 87 cents each, (3) Listerine Mouthwash for 89 cents each (used a raincheck), (2) Glade Oil Diffuser Refills for 94 cents each, (3) Pagoda Express Frozen Entrees for $1 each

$2.00 or Less:  (1) Downy Unstoppables for $1.59, (1) Gain Fireworks for $1.59 (I love these!!!!!!)

Stay tuned for more trips.  I have more rainchecks to use!