Target Deal Alert: Dove Men+Care Body Wash Clearance And Target Giftcard Alert!!!!

Happy Thursday!!  Thanks to Totally Target and @DivasDoingCoupons I ran over to Target today and found Dove Men+Care Bodywash on clearance for $2.78 each.  They also had Dove Bodywash (women), Caress Bodywash and Soap, and Dove Deodorant, Degree deodorant and other health and beauty items on clearance as well.  Plus you get a $5 Target giftcard wyb three (3) of the following: Dove Men+Care Face & Body Wash 13.5 oz Bonus Pack, Dove Men+Care Deodorant Bonus Pack, Caress Body Wash or 4-Pk Bar Soap Bonus Pack, Degree Men’s Deodorant Bonus Packs, Degree Women’s Deodorant Bonus Packs, Dove Women’s Deodorant Bonus Packs with a Bonus. Here is the deal I did:


1st Transaction:

(3) Dove Men+Care Bodywash – $2.78 each * 3 = $8.34

Used (3) $2/1 manufacturer coupons and deducted $6

Deducted 5 cents for bag credit and paid $2.89 (includes tax)

Received $5 Giftcard

2nd Transaction:

(3) Dove Men+Care 6 pack Bar Soap – $4.82 each * 3 = $14.46

(1) Dove Men+Care Bodywash – $2.78

Used (3) $4/1 manufacturer coupons for soap and deducted $12

Used (1) $2/1 manufacturer coupon for bodywash

Deducted 5 cents bag credit with a balance of $4.43 (includes tax)

Used $5 gift card from first transaction so I did not pay anything out of pocket!!!!

Go here to Totally Target to read about this FANTASTIC deal!!!  Remember clearance deals and prices can vary by store so there is no guarantee you will find them at your local store. Let us know if you get this deal…..




Harris Teeter Super Double Wednesday: Spent $13.95 For $218.14 Worth Of Items, Saving 94%!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!  Storms clouds are brewing here in Fort Mill, SC, but I made it back home safely from my weekly Harris Teeter Super Doubles run.  I used several rain checks today because rumor has it that today could be the last day of Super Double Wednesday.  I spent $13.95 For $218.14 worth of items, saving 94%.  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip (all items not in this picture):


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (3) Olay Body Wash (on clearance for $2.24 and used (3) $1/1 coupons and (1) $1/1 EVIC coupon), (6) Dove Men Body Wash (used a rain check for $3.99 and used (3) $2/1 manufacturer coupons and (1)$2/1 EVIC coupon), (4) Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Bowls, (2) Dial Foaming Soap (used raincheck for $.97 each and (1) $1/2 manufacturer coupon)

FREE:  (8) Ken’s Salad Dressings (9 oz), (6) Chapstick, (2) Huggies Wipes, (8) Bic Pens, (1) Jimmy Dean Delights Quesadilla, (2) Knorr Homestyle Stock,  (3) Bailey’s Coffee Creamer (used raincheck for $1.89 and (3) $1/1 manufacturer coupons)

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Sorrento String Cheese for 16 cents each (used B$OGO raincheck), (12) Hefty Plates for 50 cents each (used BOGO raincheck), (6) Welch’s Light Grape Juice for 90 cents each (used a raincheck for BOGO and (3) $1/2 manufacturer coupons), (3) Thermacare Wraps for 99 cents each and (1) Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for 99 cents

Over $1.00:  (2) Dove Beauty Bar Soap (6 pack) for $2.47 each (used raincheck for $4.97 each and (2)$1/1 manufacturer coupons and $1/1 EVIC coupon) and (3) Goodnights for $2.99 each (used BOGO raincheck), (1) pack of ground beef for dinner tonight $3.23 ($2.99/lb.)

Did you shop Harris Teeter super doubles today?  What deals did you get?  Stay tuned next Wednesday to see if Super Doubles Wednesdays will continue…..


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday! So after the icy weather on yesterday here in Fort Mill I made it out of the house today.  Today, I had the awesome privilege to teach along with @Coupon Mama AKA @Travise Smith and @SC Coupon Swap AKA @Marla Lowman at the debut of the @3 Coupon Chicks coupon class.  All I can say is that laughter is good for the soul because I had so much fun!  Thanks to everyone that came out to the class.  I enjoyed meeting you all!  I am looking forward to tag teaming with these coupon chicks on a monthly basis.  Also, I thank God that @Candice Barber showed up for the class (only class attendees would understand that inside joke.)

I only shopped one store today and that was Harris Teeter.  I shopped with @Tina Pettice and @Shanice Moore after the class.  This was also Shanice’s first trip to shop at Harris Teeter.  She did not even have a VIC card.  I say she will definitely shop there more because she spent $28 for $125 worth of groceries so she was quite impressed.

For my trip,  I spent $25.06 for $89.08 worth of groceries, saving 72%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip.  Here is what I got:


$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Campbell’s Harvest Soups for 5 cents each (used $.50/2 manufacturer coupons and (2) $.75/1 EVIC (ZVR) coupons), (2) Birdseye Frozen Veggies for 8 cents each, (3) French’s Worchestshire Sauce for 20 cents each, (6) Campbell’s Soups for 73 cents each, (2) Rothbury Croutons for 85 cents each, (2) Danimals Crunchers Yogurt for $1 each, (3) French’s Honey Mustard for $1 each

I also did the Conagra promotion:  Save $2 wyb any 10 participating Conagra Foods 10/$10 Products. It is valid through 2/15. Products included are: Gulden’s Mustard 10 oz, Rotel 10 oz, Rosarita Refried Beans 15-16 oz, Wolf Chili 15 oz, Manwich 15 oz, Snack Pack Pudding 4 pack, Hunt’s Tomatoes 14.5 oz, Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 15 oz, Hunt’s Pasta sauce 24 oz, Hunt’s Ketchup 24 oz, Van Camp’s Beanee Weenee 7.5 oz, Crunch N’ Munch 3.5 oz, and Slim Jim Original Giant 24ct.  My $2 came off instantly and I bought the following:  (3) Wolf’s Brand Chili for 20 cents each, (4) Rotel Tomatoes for 50 cents each, (3) Hunt’s Ketchup for $1.00 each

So what deals did you find this weekend?  Please share them with us.  We love to hear from you!!


Harris Teeter Super Doubles Wednesday: Spent $2.59 For $123.98 Worth Of Groceries, Saving 98%!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!  Here is my weekly edition of super doubles Wednesday at Harris Teeter.  I spent $2.59 for $123.98 worth of groceries, saving 98%!  I used (1) $10/40 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip.  Here is what I got:


FREE:  (3) Hershey’s Simply Pleasures Candy, (6) Ken’s Salad Dressings (9 oz.), (1) Jimmy Dean Delight Quesadillas, (2) Kahiki Frozen Entrees

$1.00 Or Less:  (1) Sprite .5 Liter 6 pack for 34 cents (had a peelie for this), (2) TGIF Appetizers for 50 cents each, (2) Harris Teeter Orange Juice and (2) Jimmy Dean Delight Breakfast Bowls for 51 cents each (I used (2) $1.75 coupons off Orange Juice and Jimmy Dean Delights), (2) Trix Cereal for 75 cents, (10) Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (3 pack) for 98 cents each (I only used (2)$.75/2 manufacturer coupons and should have used 3 total which would have made them 68 cents each); also these boxes of popcorn all had Redbox FREE DVD rentals on them!!!)

Over $1.00:  I paid $1.98 total for the meal deal (it cost $7.98 total).  It includes (2) Palermo’s Pizza, (1) Utz Chips, (1) TGIF Appetizer and (1) Coke 2 liter product.  I used (2) $1/1 Palermo’s Pizza manufacturer coupons and (1) $1/1 TGIF Appetizer coupon (found these on a tearpad late last year) to get $6 off total or 40 cents for each item in the meal deal.

Although I forgot to use one coupon on the popcorn, I am not complaining about spending $2.59 for everything.  :)

So did you shop super doubles today at Harris Teeter?  Please share your deals with us!

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!  I hit more stores than usual this weekend.  I shopped Publix, Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter, Earthfare, Target and Walmart.  Whew!!!!  Here is what I got (warning this is a long post LOL):

PublixI did two trips to Publix and spent a total of $21.94 for $133.47 worth of groceries, saving 84%!  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon, (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and a $5 Catalina I had from purchasing Crystal Light.


$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Pepperidge Farm Toast Bread for 44 cents each, (4) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings for 44 cents each (thanks to @CouponMama for that tip; the bottles had $1/1 coupons on them plus samples), (4) Sundown Naturals Vitamins for 49 cents each, (8) Chef Boyardee for 68 cents each, (2) Alouette Cheese Portions for 74 cents each, (2) Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (2) Keebler Cookies for $1.35 each (used $1/2 Food Lion store coupon), (9) Digorno Pizzas for $2.83 each (used (3) B2G1 free manufacturer coupons and (4) $1/2 Digorno Pizza Publix coupons)

Harris Teeter:  There was nothing really exciting at Harris Teeter since my last super doubles trip on Wednesday (hope you all have been getting the deal on cereal at 97 cents a box).  I spent 11.86 for $45.28 worth of groceries, saving 74%. 

HT_01182013I got the Earthbound Farms Romaine Hearts for $1.22 each and the Welch’s Light Grape Juice for 40 cents each.

Bi-Lo:  I needed to stock up on some meats and when I need meats I shop Bi-Lo to help with my Fuelperks.  I spent $26.57 for $145.84 worth of groceries, saving 82%!  That is a great savings considering I bought meats.  I used a $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Hormel Deli Meat for 24 cents each (used (4) $.50/1 manufacturer coupons, (4) $1 Hormel Publix coupons and $1 off lunch meat Food Lion coupon),

FREE:  (2) Southern Home Apple Juice (free coupon for completing the survey at the bottom of the receipt), (2) Seafood Snackers, (2) King’s Hawaiian Rolls (used (2) Target coupons to get them free wyb 4 Hormel Deli Meat)

$1.00 Or Less:  (8) Birdseye Frozen Veggies for 35 cents each (used (8) $.50/1 manufacturer coupons and $1 off frozen veggies Food Lion store coupon), (2) Weight Watcher’s Ice Cream Treats for 79 cents, (10) Tyson’s Grilled Chicken/Steak Strips for 89 cents each

Earthfare:  I needed some ingredients for a recipe so I ventured over to Earthfare to use my Tomato Bank $10 credit to purchase those items and get free Earthfare Veggie Burgers.  I spent $.48 cents for $15.97 worth of groceries, saving 97%! 

EF_01192013Make sure you sign up for the Tomato Bank Loyalty program by Sunday, 1/20 to get 1,000 points or $10 credit (go here to sign up).  There was also a coupon to get free bottled water with a $10 purchase, but they were out of the water at the Earthfare I went to.

Walmart & Target:  We got a $3/1 Poise Wellness product coupon in the 1/13 SS coupon insert.  Walmart has the Poise Feminine Wash and the Hot Flash Towelettes for $2.97 each and Target has the Wash for $2.99.  Several Walmart stores I went to were out of stock, but I did find 4 at one store on Thursday.  I spent $.71 cents total for 4 of them I also found the wash at Target today and got 7 for $1.47 total.


So what deals did you find this weekend?  Please share your deals with us!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Harris Teeter Super Doubles Wednesday: Spent $1.34 For $117.16 Worth Of Groceries, Saving 99%!!!

Happy Wednesday!  I did a late morning run to Harris Teeter today.  Honestly, I was not excited about any of the coupon matchups, but of course I managed to use 20 coupons anyway.  I spent $1.34 for $115.16 worth of groceries, saving 99%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter discount card and (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon on this trip. Here is what I got:

HT_01162013_1(All items not in picture)

FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (6) Luden’s Cough Drops, (2) Harris Teeter Dozen Eggs (found peelies on the Alfresco Chicken Sausage I purchased for free eggs wyb 2; when they coupon scanned it took off $3 and the eggs are the EVIC special for $.97 each)

FREE:  (2) Kidfresh Kid’s Entrees, (4) Kellogg’s Cereals (You get $4 off instantly wyb 4 and I used (2) $1/2 manufacturer coupons), (3) Smart Balance Milk

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Mrs. Edwards Pies (individual slices) for 50 cents each, (3) Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizzas for 79 cents, (6) Hot Pockets Snackers for 87 cents each (these were on clearance for $1.69 each and I used (2) $1.25/2 manufacturer coupons; also tried to stack with a $2/6 Publix coupon, but they would not let me), (4) Welch’s Light Grape Juice for 90 cents each

Over $1.00:  (2) Alfresco Chicken Sausage for $1.50 each (these had $1/1 peelies on the packages and for the free eggs wyb 2)

Also, I heard that the super double Wednesdays may now end at the end of January instead of April.  I guess we will need to confirm at the store each before shopping that they are still doing it.

So are you shopping today for Super Doubles?  If so, please share what you got.

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!  I had a pretty busy Saturday so I did most of my shopping on Friday night.  We had a great turnout of almost 50 people for the Fort Mill Coupon club meeting today.  Special thanks to Donna McRorie for sharing tips on organizing our coupons!  I also attend the Celebrate Life 08 Wellness Fair at my church – World Worship Church – today and had fun sharing my coupon knowledge with those in attendance.  Most importantly, this event blessed 24 women with free mammograms!

My trips this weekend took me to Publix, Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.  Here is what I got:

Publix I spent $20.38 for $113.87 worth of groceries, saving 82%.  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon (Publix will let you use this before coupons) on this trip:


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (6) Emergen C (used (6) $1.50/1 manufacturer coupons and (3) $5/2 Publix store coupons, (2) Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

$1.00 or Less:  (2) Pedigree Dentastix for 29 cents each, (2) Sundown Vitamins for 39 cents each, (4) Hunt’s Ketchup for 65 cents each, (2) Centrum Multivitamins for 91 cents each, (4) Boca Veggie Burger/Chicken Patties for 90 cents each, (2) Centrum Pronutrients Supplement for 91 cents each

Harris Teeter I spent $16.82 for $92.75 worth of groceries, saving 82% (wow when is the last time I spent $16 bucks at Harris Teeter…LOL).  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon, $4 in Catalinas from the Classico Pasta Sauce I previously purchased on this trip:



$1.00 Or Less: (10) Yoplait Yogurt for 26 cents (I got a coupon in the mail for one free Yoplait Yogurt), (4) Classico Pasta Sauce for 47 cents each (got a $3 Catalina back), (5) Old El Paso Soft Taco Dinner Kits for 73 cents each (also bought one seasoning mix as well and got $4 off instantly for buying $10 in  Old El Paso products)(also if you buy 8 participating products you get 40 bonus boxtops)

Over $1.00:  (2) Eggland’s Eggs for $1.07 each, (10) Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice for $1.08 each, (2) Blue Bunny Ice Cream for $1.34 each and (5) Crystal Light for $1.99 each (I thought I should have gotten a Catalina for $5 for purchasing 5 but it did not print off)

Bi-Lo I spent $2.07 for $64.27 worth of groceries, saving 97%.  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon and $2 in Food Lion coupons on this trip:


FREE:  (1) Southern Home Gourmet Cookies (coupon I got in the mail), (4) Seafood Snackers, (5) Southern Home Apple Juice (free coupon for answering the Bi-Lo survey)

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Pillsbury Toaster Strudel for 71 cents each (used $.75/3 manufacturer coupon and $2/2 Publix store coupon), (2) Hanover Frozen Veggies for 74 cents, (3) Tyson’s Grilled Chicken/Steak Strips for 89 cents each

Over $1.00:  (2) Mott’s Fruit Snacks for $1.25 each (got 20 bonus Boxtops for purchasing the Mott’s and Pillsbury)

How was your weekend shopping?  Did you find any great deals?