Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.  My shopping adventures this weekend took me to my usual spots:  Harris Teeter, Publix and Bilo.  At Harris Teeter I shopped with my World Worship Church buddies:  Flo, Inez and Shanice.  This was Inez first trip for super doubles so we shared several coupons with to show her the ropes and I do know she is now convinced.  She spent about $2 and saved $80!  As for me here are the details of my trip:

PublixYou may have seen my post from yesterday from Publix that I got $18.13 back in cash for a Poise special order.  I also grabbed a few other items in a separate transaction.  I spent 60 cents for $20.38 worth of items, saving 97%!


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Progresso Cooking Sauce (1 missing from pic)

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Buitoni Pasta for 14 cents each and (2) Wolf’s Chili for 19 cents

Harris Teeter I spent $15.86 (placed on my Harris Teeter gift card) for $157.43 worth of groceries, saving 90%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card and (2) $3 Catalina coupon I got from the Nivea products I bought at Harris Teeter on one of my earlier trips.

Harris Teeter_02232013

FREE:  (2) Mahatama Rice (large size), (4) Trix Cereals (used BOGO rain check and (2) $1/2 coupons, (3) Wet N Wild products, (3) Cinnamon Jacks Cereals, (3) Apple Jacks Cereal (used $1/3 coupon and $1 EVIC coupon), (2) Glade Scented Oil Plugins, (3) Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner

$1.00 Or Less: (3) Sorrento String Cheese for 16 cents each (used BOGO raincheck and (3) $1/1 coupons), (4) Cooked Perfect Meatballs for 50 cents each, (6) Welch’s Light Grape Juice for 90 cents each (used BOGO rain check and (3) $1/2 coupons), (3) International Delight Coffee Creamers (individual cups) for 99 cents, (2) Kraft Homestyle Mac N Cheese for $1 each, (used rain check for $2 each and a $1/2 coupon)

Over $1.00:  (2) Morningstar Frozen Products for $1.33 (got a $1/1 coupon in my email from Kellogg’s), (4) Hefty Trash Bags for $1.97 each (used BOGO raincheck and (3) $1/1 coupons and $1/1 EVIC coupon), (2) Filippio Olive Oil for $3.14 each, (1) Glade Scent Oil Refill Twin Pack for $1.79 (I should have gotten a $2 Catalina for buying the Glade products but it did not print)

BiLo:  I found a great deal on chicken drumsticks at Bilo. They were on sale for 99 cents a pound and some of the packs had $2 store peelies on them.  I was able to get 5 packs for about $2.25 a pack.  I also grabbed some produce.  I spent $14.56 for $130.45 worth of groceries, saving 89%!!!  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon and (1) $10/$100 Bilo coupon on this trip.

Bilo_02232013FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (10) Chi-Chi’s Tortillas (used BOGO rain check) and (2) El Monterrey Burritos

FREE:  (3) Wet N Wild Products and (1) Southern Home BBQ Chips (used $1 Food Lion coupon on snacks)

$1.00 Or Less:  (5) Chef Boyardee for 80 cents each (plus I earned 5 cents in Fuelperks for buying 5), (10) Zatarain’s Frozen Entrees for 64 cents each (used rain check for $1.64 each)

What deals did you get this weekend?

Sunday Coupon Preview (2/24)!!!!!

This Sunday (2/24), there should be (1) coupon insert in the newspapers:

(1) Smartsource

However, there are some blogs that are reporting that there could be up to 3 inserts.  I cannot confirm either so I guess I will see on tomorrow.

Find out what coupons will be in the paper by going here! Remember there can be regional differences as to what inserts you get.

Part Of My Publix Order Came In And I Got Cashback!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!  I am taking a commercial break from super doubles at Harris Teeter to share a first time experience I had at Publix today.  There is a $3/1 manufacturer coupon for Poise Feminine products(Smartsource 2/10).  Publix also has a $3/1 store coupon on these items.  One of the things I love about Publix is that they allow you to stack coupons (use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on one item).  I placed a special order for 24 – 12 Feminine washes and 12 panty fresheners.  Since these are hot items, Publix was completely out of stock in the store and at the warehouse.  I have been patiently waiting to get them.  Today I went my Publix to inquire about my order and found out that 8 of my total came in.  When they rung my order up, I received $18.13 cash back!!!!!!

Publix_Cashback_02222013_1Even the customer service employee was so shocked!!!  I am so glad that Publix gives cash back!!!  I cannot wait to get more cash back at Publix!!!!!  Stay tuned!!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Day #1: Spent $8.85 For $222.56 Worth Of Items, Saving 96%!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!  I was up early for the first day of a week of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter.  I will admit that since my store has been doing super doubles on Wednesday since Publix opened last October, it is hard to be overly excited (I guess I am spoiled – smile).  However, that feeling ended pretty quick when I read my Harris Teeter EVIC email and saw that I could get Kellogg’s Cereal for 99 cents each (limit 2).  I actually did not spend any money out of pocket, but used a Harris Teeter gift card I got for doing a grocery research study to pay for all my items today.  So without the gift card (or if I did not have the HT gift card), I spent $8.85 for $222.56, saving 96%!!!  I used (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card on this trip.  I also got $9 in Catalinas back for purchasing $10 in Nivea products (one did not come out so I need to contact Catalina to request).


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Cinnamon Jacks Cereal (one box did not ring up correctly so I got it free), (3) Dove Men Bodywash (used rain check for $3.99 each and used (3) $2/1 manufacturer coupons and $2/1 EVIC coupon), (16) Buddig Deli Meat (used $1/4 manufacturer coupon and 4 $.50 store peelies)

FREE:  (3) Eucerin Hand Cream, (1) Motts Snack N Go Applesauce, (2) Smart Balance Kids Milk, (1) Froot Loops Cereal, (8) Uncle Ben’s Rice Cups, (6) El Monterey Single Burritos, (3) Activia Yogurt, (1) Wright Sausage (on clearance for $1.99 and had $2 store peelie), (2) Buddig Deli Meat (1 lb) (on clearance for $2.74 and had $3 store peelies), (5) Wet N Wild Nail Polish/Lipstick/Lip Gloss, (2) Mahatma Yellow Rice

$1.00 Or Less:  (1) Johnsonville Chicken Sausage for 44 cents (on clearance for $2.44 and use d$1/1 coupon), (3) Nivea Lotion for 63 cents each, (6) Nivea Bodywash Men and Women for 63 cents each, (6) Juicy Juice Juice Boxes – 8 pack for 69 cents each, (2) Lean Pockets sandwiches for 75 cents each (used $1.25/2 manufacturer coupon that was mailed to me), (1) Smart Balance Milk for 89 cents, (2) Downy Unstoppables for 49 cents each (used (2) $2/1 manufacturer coupons and $3/2 EVIC coupon – only 1 in picture), (1) Oscar Meyer Angus Beef Franks for 99 cents

I got 3 packs of Kraft Shredded Cheese with overage!!!!

Whew!!!  Another great round of super doubles.  I don’t think I will be shopping on Thursday so stay tuned Friday and for my weekend deals.

Please share what deals you go today at Harris Teeter!

Savvy Shopping Saturday Shopping Results!!

Happy snowy Saturday!!!  I had another great savvy shopping weekend.  I hung out with some fantastic ladies from Faith Center Church in Charlotte, NC to teach a coupon class!  These ladies are to spend way less at the stores now!  It was a great time and need to go shopping with these ladies!!!

My shopping after the class was abruptly interrupted by beautiful white snow.  I was shopping in Harris Teeter and looked and saw it coming down.  Therefore, I had to leave Bilo off my list today so I only got to shop Publix, Harris Teeter and Walgreens.  Here is what I got:

Publix:  I spent $2.87 for $57.13 worth of items, saving 95%!  I used a $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon and (1) $5/$25 Publix coupon on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (15) Speedstick and Lady Speedstick Deodorants, (4) Progresso Recipe Starters

$1.00 Or Less:  (4) Green Giant Canned Vegetables for 39 cents each, (2) Dove Men Bodywash (had travel size deodorants attached) for 49 cents each,

Also, noticed that I got a pack of ground beef for $11.51 ($3.99/lb.) and some produce.  The $10/$40 and $5/$25 coupons definitely helped to pay for those items.

Harris Teeter:  My trip today was just to grab a few deals because Harris Teeter will be doing super doubles starting Wed. 2/20th for all Harris Teeter stores.  I spent $13.46 for $71.51 worth of items, saving 81%.  I used a $5/$25 Publix coupon, my 10% Harris Teeter discount card and $6 in catalinas from the Nivea purchase I did on Wednesday on this trip.

Harris Teeter_02162013_1

FREE: (1) Butoni Pasta (we love these)

$1.00 Or Less:  (13) Yoplait Yogurt for 23 cents each, (6) Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes for 50 cents each, (9) Totino Pizza Rolls for 50 cents each, (3) Mazola Cooking Spray for 89 cents (used a rain check for $1.99 and (3) $.55/1 manufacturer coupons)

Walgreens:  I ran into Walgreens in the snow for one thing:  Eggs.  We were all out and I remembered that I had a raincheck for them for 99 cents so I got 6 dozen for $4.95. Gotta love rainchecks!  So glad I didn’t have to ay full price for any.

I thought I would end this post with a picture of the snow from a tree in my backyard that my son took.  Now to relax and enjoy some family time……



Harris Teeter Super Doubles Wednesday: Spent $18.27 For $210.83 Worth Of Groceries, Saving 91%!!!!

Happy Wednesday!  Another Wednesday always mean a trip to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles.  I spent $18.27 for $210.83 worth of groceries, saving 91%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip and got $6 in Catalinas back for purchasing the Nivea products.


FREE:  (6) Buitoni Pasta, (2) Eucerin Hand Cream, (6) Smart Balance Milk, (3) Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner, (3) Jimmy Dean Delights

$1.00 Or Less:  (5) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for 30 cents each (Get $4 off instantly wyb $10 worth – used (2) $1/2 manufacturer coupons and $.50/1 EVIC coupon), (5) Old Orchard 100% Juice for 52 cents each, (4) Simply Potatoes for 65 cents each (2 has $1 store peelies), (3) Johnsonville Chicken Sausage for 45 cents each, (2) Nivea Lotion for 63 cents each, (1) Nivea Bodywash for 63 cents, (3) Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza for 79 cents each, (6) Nivea Lip Balm for 89 cents, (2) Kuntzer Bacon for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (2) Gain Laundry Detergent for $1.57 each (used $2/2 coupon and $.40/1 EVIC coupon)

So did you shop at Harris Teeter today for super doubles?  What deals did you get?

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!  So another weekend is here and of course my weekend would be off if I didn’t get some deals.  We also had the February Fort Mill Coupon Club meeting.  Thanks to everybody who came out to learn how to use your smartphone and internet to save money using coupons.  Our next meeting is Saturday, March 9th and our guest speaker will be the management from Publix in Fort Mill, SC.  Get those Publix coupon and shopping questions ready!

My coupon adventures this weekend took me to Harris Teeter, Publix, Bi-lo and Walgreens.  Here is what I got:

Walgreens:  I went to Walgreens to get turkey bacon.  It was on sale for $1.29 a pack and I used $.55/1 manufacturer coupons to get some for $.74 cents each.

Publix:  I spent $15.37 for $91.37 worth of items, saving 83%.  I used a $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon, a $2 off $8 in produce Food Lion store coupon, a $1 off Laundry product Food Lion coupon and a $1 off frozen entrée Food Lion coupon on this trip.

Publix 02092013FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (7) Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (used (7) $.50/1 manufacturer coupons and (1) $1/2 Publix store coupon), (2) Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Resolve Laundry Stain Remover for 49 cents each, (5) Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Frozen Entrees for $.60 cents each, (1%) Green Giant Frozen Veggies for 67 cents each (the boxes had $1/3 peelies on them)

Over $1.00:  (2) Lacroix Sparkling Water (not in picture) for $1.34 each and (2) Pedigree Dog Food 3.5 lb bag for $1.89 each)

Bi-Lo:  I needed to get some meats so I shopped at Bi-Lo for these items.  I also wanted to get some additional Fuelperks for some items as well.  I spent $49.69 for $148.18 worth of groceries, saving 66%.  I used (1) $10/$100 Bi-Lo store coupon, (1) $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon on this trip:


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (2) Poise Feminine Wash (used (2) $3/1 manufacturer coupons and (2) $3/1 Publix store coupon), (4) El Monterrey Burritos

$1.00 Or Less:  (4) Quaker Medley Instant Oatmeal for 25 cents each (used (2) $.75/2 manufacturer coupons and (2) $1/2 Target coupons), (12) Yoplait Yogurt for 33 cents each (used (2) $.40/6 manufacturer coupons and a $.40 ecoupon), (1) Carbona Ceramic Stovetop Cleaner for 49 cents each, (15) Chef Boyardee Ravioli for 53 cents (get $3 off instantly wyb $15 worth and used (3) $.50/4 manufacturer coupons and (1) $1/4 Target coupon), (4) Gogurt Yogurts (these are new ones and I earned 10 cents in Fuelperks for purchasing 4), (2) Clorox Wipes for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (2) Huggies Jumbo Diapers for $2.49 (not for me (smile), for a baby shower gift.  I used (2) $3/1 manufacturer coupons, (2) $3 Publix store coupons and $1 ecoupon from the ad.  I also earned 10 cents in Fuelperks)

Harris Teeter I spent $5.12 for$74.91 worth of groceries, saving 93%!  I used $10 in Walgreens Register Rewards and my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card on this trip.


FREE: (1) Harris Teeter Sir Chocolate Cookies (Harris Teeter Taste N Tell program on Facebook)

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Mahatma Yellow Rice for 10 cents each, (6) Knorr Pasta Sides for 50 cents each, (6) Quaker Express Instant Oatmeal for 25 cents each, (1) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce for 49 cents, (2) Hefty Cups for 52 cents each (used a $.75/2 manufacturer coupon and $.75 EVIC coupon), (3) Zatarian’s Frozen Entrees for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (5) Breyer’s Ice Cream for $2 each (got $5 off instantly for purchasing $15 in Unilever items)

Whew!!!  Another good weekend of savvy shopping and hanging out with savvy shoppers means this savvy shopper is tired.  LOL  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!