Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!  I missed posting my deals this past Wednesday because I was out of town on a short business trip.  Nevertheless, I am back and ready to fill you on my couponing adventures!  You probably know by now that Harris Teeter is currently running triples this week.  Since I was not in town for the first day, my hubby Dwayne did a few Harris Teeter trips and I must say he did VERY WELL!  So this post today will include multiple trips to Harris Teeter, Publix and Bilo.  Here are the details:

Harris Teeter:  This is a total of my trips from Wednesday through Saturday.  I spent $46.96 for $356.52 worth of items, saving 87%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card on these trips (All Items Not In Picture).


FREE:  (4) Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (used 2 rain checks for $1.97 each), (6) Tabasco Sauce, (6) Mahatma Yellow Rice, (5) French’s Fried Onions, (9) Birdseye Frozen Veggies (used rain check also found some on clearance for free), (9) Mrs. Schubert Rolls, (5) Chicken of the Sea Tunas (found cans with peelies for $.50/1 that tripled), (3) Kikkoman Soy Sauce

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Morton’s Sea Salt 14 cents, (3) Quaker Granola Bars for 14 cents each, (2) International Delight Coffee Creamer for 20 cents, (2) Jennie O Turkey Sausage 24 cents, (2) Molly McButter for 24 cents, (6) Dole Pineapple for 24 cents, (2) So Delicious Coffee Creamer for 24 cents each, (1) New York Texas Toast for 24 cents, (6) Tony’s Pizzas for 27 cents each, (3) Synder Tortilla Chips for 25 cents, (6) Orville Popcorn for 25 cents, (3) Mazola Cooking Spray for 34 cents (used a rain check for $1.99), Luigi’s Italian Ice for 50 cents each, (2) HT Iceberg Lettuce for 50 cents each, (2) Campbell’s Skillet Sauces for 74 cents, (3) New York Texas Toast Ciabatta Bead for 74 cents, (2) Bakers Joy Cooking Spray for 74 cents, (3) 2000 Flushes for 84 cents each, (2) Land O Lakes Eggs for 92 cents each (used rain check for $1.97 each)

Over $1.00:  (3) Johnsonville Sausage for $1.74, (1) Jennie O Turkey Bacon for $1.44, (3) Sargento Sliced Cheese for $1.50, (4) HT Ground Beef for $1.99 per pound and used 2 $1.50 off coupons that I got from the Synder Chips

Publix:  I got paid to shop at Publix.  I made two trips and Publix paid me $7.82 for $101.89 worth of items!  I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter and some Bilo coupons on these trips.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Visine Eye Drops and (6) Neutrogena Bar Soap (used rain check for 99 cents each), (2) Plums (used $3 off fruit Publix coupon wyb 2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal

FREE:  (1) Publix Aluminum Foil (used $1 Bilo coupon), (1) Ritz Bits To Go (used $1 Bilo coupon)

$1.00 Or Less:  (10) Texas Toast Croutons for 19 cents each, (7) New York Garlic Breadsticks for 35 cents each, (4) Quaker Medleys for 34 cents each, (1) Lays Potato Chips for 59 cents (used $.55/1 manufacturer and $1 Bilo coupon), (2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for 61 cents each, (2) Banquet Turkey Sausage for 99 cents each, (6) Fuze Drinks for $1 each

BiloI spent $15.34 for $158.80 worth of items, saving 90%!  I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip.  (All items not in picture)


FREE:  (4) Tabasco Sauce (earned 5 cents in Fuelperks wyb 4), (6) Hershey’s Air Delight Candy Bars, (6) Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars

$1.00 Or Less:  (8) Barilla Pasta Sauce for 24 cents, (6) Aloha Hawaiian Punch for 25 cents, (10) Trident Gum for 15 cents each, (10) Welch’s Grape Jelly for 50 cents each

I also got London Broil for B1G1 and Chicken Drumsticks for 99 cents per pound.

Whew!  I think I have you all caught up now!  I still have some rain checks to use at Harris Teeter before triples end on Tuesday so stay tuned for a few more deals!


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!

Happy Saturday!  Today was a quiet day for me for shopping for deals.  I did hit two stores today – Publix and Harris Teeter.  Here is what I got:

PublixI spent $21.10 for $107.55, saving 80%! I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon, (1) $1/7 Produce Food Lion coupon and (1) $2 off produce Food Lion coupon on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE: (1) Sunlight Dish Detergent

$1.00 Or Less:  (8) Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Flavor for 25 cents each (used (8) $1/1 manufacturer coupons and (4) B1G1 Publix coupons), (10) Tyson Chicken Nuggets for 64 cents each, (2) Simply Potatoes for 87 cents each

Harris Teeter:  Harris Teeter had some great B1G1 deals on meat so I went there to stock up. I spent $26.03 for $89.31 worth of items, saving 71%. 

HT_04202013I used my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card and a $10/$50 coupon from Harris Teeter on this trip. In addition to meat, I got (3) Lays Chips for $1.04 each (used (3) $.55/1 coupons I found on a tearpad at Bilo) and (10) HT Shredded Cheese for $1.20 each.

I confirmed that Harris Teeter is doing triples starting Wednesday, 4/24 99 cents or less.  I will be spending the rest of my weekend getting ready so stay tuned for the deals.


Harris Teeter Super Doubles Wednesday: Spent $27.48 For $164.62 Worth of Items, Saving 83%!!!

Hello everyone!  Here is my super doubles trip to Harris Teeter today.  I should say my hubby’s trip because he took my list and grabbed these items.  He spent $27.48 for $164.62 worth of items, saving 83%!


FREE:  (9) Smart Balance Milks (used rain check for $2.89 and $1.50/1 manufacturer coupons) and (3) Aquafresh Toothpaste

$1.00 Or Less:  (6) Mountain Dew Kickstart for 8 cents, (3) Bounce Dryer Bars for 49 cents each, (2) LaCroix Sparkling Water for 49 cents each, (4) Keri Lotion for 69 cents each (used BOGO rain check), (2) All Laundry Detergent for 77 cents each (used rain check for $2.77 each), (4) Wisk Detergent for 99 cents (you can also get the Wisk Powerblasts for $2.99 also and they would have been free), (4) Kunzler Bacon for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (3) Downy Unstoppables for $1.86 each (used rain check for $5.99 each)


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!  We had a great Fort Mill Coupon Club Meeting today.  Thanks to Mrs. LeAnn Sek, Store Director from Harris Teeter in Fort Mill for being our guest speaker.  As far as my weekend shopping, I shopped Publix and Bilo.  I didn’t really need anything from Harris Teeter this weekend so my Wednesday Super Double trip was it for me this week.  Here is what I got at Publix and Bilo:

Publix:  I love to get paid to shop at Publix!  Publix paid me $3.79 for $97.76 worth of items, saving 104%!  I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon  and (1) $1/$7 Food Lion Meat coupon on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (10) Visine Eye Drops (used (10) $2/1 manufacturer coupons and (10) $2 Publix coupons that I found in the Allergy booklets in the Pharmacy (I bought the ones that cost $3.77 each)

$1.00 Or Less:  (8) Smart Balance Buttery Spread for 4 cents each (used $1/2 manufacturer coupon and $1/1 Publix coupon), (6) Knorr Pasta Sides for 11 cents each, (3) Smithfield Ham Steaks for 74 cents each, (4) Welch’s Fruits Snacks for 89 cents each

Bi-Lo I spent $25.81 for $113.69 worth of items, saving 77%!  I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter discount card on this trip.  I also earned 15 cents in Fuelperks.


FREE:  (4) Surf Laundry Detergent (used rain check for $1.99 each and used (4) $1/1 manufacturer coupon and (4) $1/1 Publix store coupons), (10) Mahatma Yellow Rice, (1) Charmin Freshmates (used Publix store coupon to get for free wyb Charmin Toilet Tissue), (1) Chef Boyardee Microwave Cup (used Publix coupon to get one free wyb 5 Chef Boyardee cans — but I forgot to use my $.50/4 coupon on them – don’t you hate when you forget to give the cashier a coupon)

$1.00 Or Less:  (4) French’s Mustard for 39 cents each, (4) McCormick Grillmates Seasonings for 50 cents each, (2) Clorox Bleach for 50 cents each (earn 5 cents in Fuelperks wyb 2), (6) Hefty Cups for 75 cents each, (1) Charmin Basic 12 Roll for 99 cents (used $1/1 manufacturer (Catalina) coupon, (1) $1/1 Charmin Freshmates coupon and (1 $1 Toilet Tissue Bilo coupon) (5) Chef Boyardee for $1 each (earn 5 cents in Fuelperks wyb 5)

Over $1.00:  (1) Lou Anna Vegetable Oil for $1.90

How was your shopping this weekend?

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Wednesday (4/10): Spent $24.67 For $223.24 Worth Of Items, Saving 89%!

Happy Wednesday!  I have not posted my last two weekly super doubles due to time, but I definitely made time to post today for you.  I was not overly impressed with the advertised deals, but still got some great deals.  I spent $24.67 for $223.24 worth of items, saving 89%.  I used my 10% and 5% Harris Teeter Discount cards on this trip.  Here is what I got:


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Axe Deodorant and (2) Dove Men Deodorant ($3 off instantly wyb 3 and used (6) $1/1 manufacturer coupons and EVIC coupons – the ones I bought were on clearance for $2.99 each),(2) HT 80% Ground Beef (used (2) $2 Catalinas I got from the Yoplait deal at Food Lion and they doubled to $4 each so I bought packs that were less than $4 each)

FREE:  (1) Hormel Ham Steak, (3) Monterrey Burritos, (2) Arnold Pocket Thins Bread,(2) Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers (used $1/1 manufacturer coupons and $1 EVIC coupon, (1) Tropicana Farmstand Juice (this is the EVIC special, but I was charged $3 for both so per the scan guarantee policy, I got one free), (2) Campbells Skillet Sauce

$1.00 Or Less:  (6) Mountain Dew Kickstart Drinks for 8 cents (used (3) $1/2 coupons a lady gave me in the store and used $1 EVIC coupon), (1) Crest Pro Health Rinse for 29 cents, (3) Tropicana Farmstand Juice for 47 cents each,(2) 2000 Flushes for 49 cents each, (1) Kauai Coffee for 49 cents (on clearance for $4.49 and had a blinkie for $2/1 that doubled), (4) Suddenly Salads for 50 cents each, (3) Cooked Perfect Meatballs for 87 cents each, (6) Welch’s Light Grape Juice for 90 cents each (used a BOGO rain check and (3) $1/2 coupons),(1) Jennie O Turkey Sausage Roll for 99 cents (used $.75/1 manufacturer coupon and $1.50 HT store coupon), (1) Maxwell House French Roast Coffee for 99 cents each, (3) Alexia Potatoes for $1 each; I also did the Conagra Food promotion and got (6) Manwich, (3) Wolf Chili and (2) Orville Redenbacher Popcorns for 59 cents TOTAL or 5 cents each (get $2 off instantly wyb 10 participating products and used (3) $1/1 Wolf Chili coupons (I found these blinkies and they were doubled, (2) $.40/3 manufacturer coupons and (1) $.75/2 Orville Popcorn plus I had EVIC coupons on them as well)

Over $1.00:  (6) Palermo’s Pizzas for $1.25 each


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!

Happy Saturday!!!  Today was filled with all things coupons for me!  I was one of the guest speakers at the Rags To Riches Money Management Workshop at Johnson C. Smith University hosted by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority of Charlotte, NC.  Thanks to my girl @Alexandria Mason for the invite!  She knows I love to inspire and motivate people to use coupons!  Right after the workshop, I shopped 3 stores:  Publix, Harris Teeter and Bilo.  Here is what I got:

PublixI spent $0.11 cents at Publix  for $70.14 worth of items, saving 100%!  I used a $10/$40 Harris Teeter coupon on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (3) Beechnut Baby Food Jars (no I don’t need them, but will be donating), (4) Neutrogena Facial Bars (used raincheck for $2 off instantly making them 99 cents each and used (2) $5/2 manufacturer coupons), (3) Weber Marinade Mix

FREE:  (10) Manwich (used 10 Publix coupons that made them free for buying King’s Hawaiian Bread, (1) Chef Boyardee Microwave Cup (Publix coupon free wyb 5 Chef Boyardeee)

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Hungry Jack Hashbrowns for 25 cents each, (1) Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce for 25 cents (used $.75/1 Publix coupon from Stocking Spree coupon book), (10) King’s Hawaiian Bread/Buns for $1 each, (1) Rice Crispy Treats Buttery Toffee for $1

Harris Teeter:  This was a very small trip today. I went to use some rain checks before the coupons expired.  I spent $1.68 for $40.84 worth of items, saving 96%!  I used my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card on this trip.


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (6) McCormick Black Pepper (used BOGO rain check and (6) $.75/1 manufacturer coupons)

FREE:  (3) Bandaids (used rain check for $1 each)

$1.00 Or Less:  (6) McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasonings for 25 cents each, (2) Edy’s Fruit Bars for 50 cents each (also earned $1 from Ibotta – have you signed up yet?  If not, go here to sign up), (2) Gorton’s Fish Fillets for $1 each

Bi-Lo:  My trip to Bi-lo was mainly to purchase some meats and produce.  I spent $61.21 for $186.17, saving 67% (which is a great % since I bought a lot of meat and produce)!  I used (1) $10/$100 Bilo coupon, (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and my 10% Harris Teeter Discount card on this trip.  I also used (9) $2/1 manufacturer coupons on the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken I purchased (those coupons came out on Facebook).


FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (10) McCormick Brown Gravy Mixes (used BOGO rain check and (5) $.55/2 manufacturer coupons)

FREE:  (10) House Autry Cornbread Mix
$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Frank’s Red Hot Sauce for 7 cents, (2) House Autry Bake for 14 cents each, (2) Palmolive Soft Touch Dish Detergent for 49 cents each, (2) Fresh Express Salads for 79 cents each
Over $1.00:  (2) Southern Home dozen eggs for $1.04 each (used peelies that had $.75/1 eggs wyb Frank’s Red Hot Sauce), (2) Pet Milk (gallon) for $1.89 each
So what deals did you grab this weekend?