Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!

Good morning!  This edition of my Savvy Saturday Shopping Results is coming to you early this Saturday morning so I can spend some time with my family today.  I did this shopping with the help of my hubby on Friday.  We shopped our normal 3 stores – Publix, Harris Teeter, and Bi-Lo.  Here is what we got:

PublixI spent $4.26 for $102.98 worth of groceries, saving 96%!  I used (1) $5/$30 Publix coupon and (1) $10 Publix gift card that I received for the Running Out? Run In Rebate I did in May.  Also, the some of the purchases I made also qualify for the current Running Out? Run In $10 Publix gift card rebate.

Publix_07192013FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (5) Sundown Vitamins (used (5) $2/1 coupons from Walgreens Vitamin Booklet and (5) $3/1 Publix coupons)

$1.00 Or Less:  (4) Oscar Mayer Turkey Bologna for 25 cents each (used coupon from the Publix Smart Savings Booklet), (2) Nestea 20 oz Bottled Tea for 29 cents each, (4) Suddenly Salad Pasta Mix for 40 cents each, (1) Coffeemate Creamer for 42 cents (used $1.25/1 Catalina), (2) Listerine Zero Mouthwash (1 Liter) for 99 cents each (used (1) $2/1 Catalina and (1) $1/1 Catalina and (1) $3/2 Publix coupon), (2) Cheerios for 99 cents each (these boxes I bought had some great coupons on the back!)

Running Out? Run In Rebate Items:  The following items qualify for me for the rebate:  (4) Crest Toothpaste for 10 cents each (used (1) $3/2 Catalina, (1) $1.50/1 Catalina, (1) $.75/1 manufacturer coupon, (1) $1/1 Food Lion coupon – coupon states limit 1 per shopping visit, (1) $1/1 Publix Crest Toothpaste coupon that I got in the mail and (2) $.55/1 Publix coupons from the Running Out coupon sheet located at the end of the checkout lane), (10) Yoplait Gogurt for 82 cents each, (1) Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Detergent for $1.20 (used (1) $.75/1 Catalina and (1) $.55/1 Publix coupon from the Running Out coupon sheet), (2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch for $1.12 each and (2) Trix Cereal for $1.12 each. I am sure there are other scenarios as well that you could do.

Harris Teeter:  My Harris Teeter trip was very light.  I purchased (3) Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowls and paid $2.48 total or 83 cents each after using my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card.  I saved 68% on this trip!


Bi-LoI spent $32.53 for $92.25 worth of items, saving 65%!  I used (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and my 5% Harris Teeter Discount card on this trip.  I also earned 5 cents in Fuelperks.

BL_07202013$1.00 Or Less:  (1) Minute Maid Lemonade for 25 cents (used $1/1 Ecoupon), (1) Simply Lemonade for $1, (5) Southern Home Cream of Chicken/Mushroom Soups for $1 each

Over $1.00:  (5) Eckrich Sausage for $1.39 each and (6) Land O Frost Deli Meat for $1.40 each, (5) Crystal Farms Cheese for $2 each


Savv Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend!  We had another great Fort Mill Coupon Club meeting today!  I shopped three stores this weekend:  Publix, Bilo and Harris Teeter.  Here is what I got:

Publix:  I got paid to shop at Publix again!  I got paid $4.84 to take $99.01 worth of items home.  I used (1) $5/$30 Publix coupon on this trip:

Publix_07122013_2FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (4) Always Pantiliners, (6) Sundown Vitamins

FREE:  (14) Pillsbury Grand Biscuits

$1.00 Or Less:  (6) Zatarain’s Rice Mix for 50 cents each, (5) Morningstar Entrees for 49 cents each, (2) Bagelfuls for 80 cents each, (2) V8 Splash Juice for 97 cents each

BiloI spent 13.72 for $167.89 worth of items, saving 92%!!!  I used my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card, (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and (1) $5/$30 Publix coupon on this trip.  I also earned 25 cents in Fuelperks on this trip!


BL_2_07132013FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (3) Magnum Ice Cream Bars and (2) Popsicle (I did the Unilever Ice Cream Promotion.  When you buy 5 participating ice cream products you get $5 off instantly.  I ended up with $1 overage using (3) $1.50/1 manufacturer coupons for the Magnum Ice Cream Bars and (1) $1/2 Popsicle coupons,  (6) Bounty Single Roll Paper Towels (I had a raincheck for 6 at 88 cents each and even though the coupon is limit 4 they let me use two more so I would not lose the other two on my rain check; I used $.25/1 manufacturer coupon and $1/1 Publix coupon)

FREE:  (6) Cutter Insect Repellant (used (6) $.75/1 manufacturer coupons and (6) $2/1 Walgreens coupons)

$1.00 Or Less:  (20) Skittles and Starburst Candy for 30 cents each (earned 20 cents in Fuelperks), (6) Cooked Perfect Meatballs for 49 cents each, (2) Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner for 89 cents each

Harris Teeter:  I had a $20 Pharmacy credit on my VIC card and needed to buy more dog food and to pick up a few EVIC specials.  I spent $1.77 for $70.85, saving 98%!  I also used a $2/$10 Walgreens coupon on this trip.

HT_07132013FREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (2) Lysol Wipes, (2) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (used $2/2 manufacturer coupon from Walgreens Cold & Flu Booklet

$1.00 Or Less:  (3) Finish Dishwasher Gel Pacs for 19 cents each, (15) Yoplait Yogurt for 24 cents each (got a $1.25 OYNO coupon), (2) Simply Lemonade for 27 cents each, (3) HT Dozen Eggs for 94 cents each


Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday.  I did do some small trips this weekend to Publix, Harris Teeter and BiLo.  I mainly needed meats, produce and dog food this weekend.  Here is what I got:

Publix I spent $10.44 for $40.16 worth of items, saving 74%!  I used a $5/$30 Publix coupon on this trip.

Publix 07062013

FREE PLUS OVERAGE: (2) ICBINB Spray and 2 Ears of Corn (used (2) $1 ICBINB and Fresh Corn manufacturer coupon and (2) $1/1 Publix ICBINB coupons)

FREE:  (1) International Delight Coffee Creamer (32 oz) (coupon for free one that I traded for)

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Dukes Mayo for 77 cents

Over $1.00:  (2) Smart Balance Milk for $1.50 each, (2) Lipton Onion Soup and (2) packs of ground beef for $1.63 each (used (2) $2 off Lipton Onion Soup Mix and Ground Beef Manufacturer coupons and (1) $1/2 Publix coupon for the onion soup mix), (1) Publix Brand Dog Food (on clearance for $4.49 and not in picture)

Harris Teeter:  I mainly went to Harris Teeter to buy some gas cards (at the Tega Cay location you can get a $25 gas card for $20 wyb $40 in groceries).  I only picked up these items:

HT 07062013I spent $3.63 using my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card and manufacturer coupons, saving 77%.   The coupons for the Fresh Express Salad did not double ans since the coupons says Do Not Double, they were not doubled.  The cereal was 50 cents each and the salads were 95 cents each

BiLo I spent $42.92 for $170.26 worth of items, saving 75%!  I used my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card, (1) $10/$100 Bilo coupon, (1) $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon and (1) $2/5 meat Food Lion coupon on this trip.

BL_07062013FREE: (3) Magnum Ice Cream Bars (used $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon and $1.50 Publix coupon)

$1.00 Or Less:  (6) Vlassic Pickles for 3 cents each, (4) Chi Chi’s Tortilla Shells for 50 cents each,  (1) A1 Steak Sauce for 64 cents (used $.55/1 manufacturer coupon and $.50/1 condiment Food Lion coupon), (2) Fruttare Ice Cream Bars for 1.00 each