Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!

Happy Saturday and Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Fort Mill Coupon Club!!!  I started the club two years this month as a way to meet up with other couponers to learn and share all about coupons.  Since inception, it has always been my mission to use coupons as a way to teach and share with others how they can spend their grocery money wiser and in the process be a blessing to other people.  I want to take this moment to thank those of you that support the club by bringing your knowledge, coupons to trade, donation items and expired coupons for Coups For Troops.  Your support is priceless!!!

I apologize but I totally missed sharing that Harris Teeter would be doing triple coupons this week.  I hope you shopping there and getting some great deals!  So my trips this weekend included Harris Teeter and Bilo.  Here is what I got:

Harris Teeter I spent $6.11 for $59.51 worth of groceries, saving 90%!!!!  I used my Harris Teeter 5% Discount Card on this trip.  I also earned 40 Bonus Boxtops for purchasing participating General Mill products.

HT 09142013FREE:  (2) Kraft Fresh Take Mix, (2) Old El Paso Mexican Cooking Sauces

$1.00 Or Less:  (2) Dole Pineapple Slices for 24 cents each, (2) Betty Crocker Potatoes for 25 cents each, (3) Totino’s Pizza Rolls for 25 cents each, (3) Land O Lake Butters for 30 cents each, (1) Dole Pineapple In The Jar for 34 cents, (2) Betty Crocker Cake Mix for 38 cents each, (2) Betty Crocker Frosting for 38 cents each, (3) McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasonings for 44 cents each, (2) Baker’s Joy Cooking Spray for 74 cents each, (1) Heluva Good Dip for 74 cents, (1) Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Bowl for 85 cents

Bilo:  Have you heard the news about Bilo and Publix?  Publix is buying certain Bilo locations in the Charlotte/Rock Hill area.  You can read all about it here.  (Plus Bilo and Harris Teeter are buying some Piggly Wiggle stores).  I am glad to know that my Bilo here in Fort Mill will not be closing, but I am praying for those Bilo employees who are facing potential job losses.

Bilo 09142013My Bilo trip today was more shopping for meats and produce.  I spent $55.51 for $130.28 worth of groceries, saving 57% which is good since I didn’t use many coupons.  I used my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card, (1) $5/$50 Bilo coupon and (1) $5/$30 Publix coupon on this trip.  Besides buying meat and produce on sale, I did buy 15 Vitamin Waters.  They are $1 each and when you buy 10 you get 5 free.  I found $1/5 peelies on the ones I bought so I was able to get 15 Vitamin Waters for $7.00 or 47 cents each.

Savvy Saturday Shopping Results!!!!!

Hello!  I so missed posting last weekend.  I had such a busy Labor Day weekend that sitting down to blog about last weekend’s deals did not make it on my to do list. Nevertheless, I am back this weekend!  I went to 3 stores this weekend:  Publix, Harris Teeter and are going to believe this – Food Lion.  Here is what I got:

Publix Once again I got paid to shop at Publix!  I got $48.77 worth of groceries and got paid $3.71!  I used a $5/$30 Bilo coupon on this trip.

PublixFREE PLUS OVERAGE:  (6) Alka Seltzer Antacids (used (6) $2/1 manufacturer coupons), (2) Ragu Pasta Sauce and (2) Publix Ground Beef (used (2) $3 off Ragu and Ground Beef manufacturer coupons I found at Bilo)

FREE:  (10) Dole Fruit Shakers

$1.00 Or Less:  (1) Firefly Light Up Toothbrush (used $1/1 Publix coupon)

Harris Teeter I spent $1.37 for $53.06 worth of groceries, saving 97%!  I used $4/$20 CVS coupon, my 5% Harris Teeter Discount Card and $10 Food Lion coupon (from my Food Lion trip) and $2 Catalina coupon on this trip.

HTOver $1.00:  (5) Ragu Pasta Sauce and 2 packs of Ground Beef (used (2) $3 off Ragu and Ground Beef coupons I found at Bilo.  Ragu is on sale B2G3), (1) Boar’s Head Trio (1/2 lb. each of turkey, ham and cheese on EVIC special for $5), (2) Tropicana Orange Juice for $2.47 each on EVIC)

Food Lion:  Twice a year Food Lion does a brand Super Sale.  Basically, you earn a coupon to use on your next order based on the amount of Food Lion brand items you buy as follows:  Buy 4, Save $1, Buy 6, Save $1.50, Buy 8, Save $2, Buy 10, Save $2.50, Buy 20, Save $5, Buy 40 Save $10.  I am using this promotion as a way to stock up on items that I normally have as many coupons for.  Plus, the coupons from this promotion can be used at Bilo, Harris Teeter or Publix since they accept competitor coupons.

For this trip, I already had a $10 Food Lion coupon to use and I used a $2 Catalina coupon as well.  I spend $18.81 for 40 items and received a $10 Food Lion coupon at checkout (this is the coupon I used at HT).  Items I got today:  Yogurt, Pancake Mix, Muffin Mix, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Broth, Yellow Rice, Evaporated Milk, Biscuits, Chicken Broth, Tuna, Baked Beans and Flour.  This promotion ends October 1st so I have plenty of time to get a few more trips in at Food Lion. This is one of the few times you will see me shop Food Lion.

Fod LIon