Lesson 4 – Let’s Go Shopping With Coupons

Good morning!  Here is Lesson 4 – Let’s Go Shopping With Coupons in the Learn To Coupon series.

Lesson 4:  Let’s Go Shopping With Coupons

Now you are ready to go shopping since you have well-organized coupons and a BUDGET!

A.     Please make sure you sign up for store loyalty cards because at most stores you can only get the sale price if you use the store card.  Some stores also offer special sales by email so make sure you sign up for your store’s weekly emails as well (use your coupon email address you setup earlier).

B.     Find out what your store weekly sales are by getting the weekly ad and using the coupon database on clipsavegive.com to match up sales items with coupons.  A time-saving idea and the method I use is to check your favorite blogs for postings of the weekly deals by store with where to find the coupons to use for them (sales matchup).  It saves you time because all the work is done for you.  You can click here on clipsavegive.com for the blogs I follow for your information.  Please keep in mind that you need to check the prices for your local stores as there can be pricing differences by area and region.

C.    Make sure you buy enough of the items you need to last you until they go on sale again.  This is the key to saving with coupons and is referred to as stockpiling.  It helps you save because you are always buying items when they are on sale.  Also, I recommend you begin keeping a list of the sales prices of items you buy frequently so you can know what a great sale price is for those items.

D.    Always check for clearance items that you can use your coupons on.

E.    You should also do meal planning each week and focus on meals that include items that are on sale.  Click here for a great link that talks more about menu planning.

So what is stockpiling all about?  Basically stockpiling is a shopping concept where you buy multiple items on sale with coupons so you will have a collection of items that you purchased.  This is why you need more than one coupon so you can buy more than one item at a time.  For example, if your kids’ favorite box of cereal is on sale for $1.99 a box and you have 5 $1.00 coupons for it, it would be wiser for you to buy 5 boxes at $.99 per box vs. buying one box at $1.99.  Items are put on sale in cycles so if you buy enough to last until the next sale you will find that you are mostly buying items when they are sale.  If you begin stockpiling, you will see that you will have less to shop for each week.  Your stockpile will depend on your family’s needs, wants, and likes.  It took me about 4 months to really build a stockpile and I am now at a point where I can be a blessing to others by giving items away.  Remember Clip Save Give! 

One last tip:  If all of this seems too much, then I recommend that you start small by picking one store to use coupons until you get comfortable shopping with coupons.

Have fun shopping and let me know how you do by emailing me your deals or posting them to the clipsavegive Facebook page!

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