Expired Coupons: “Coups For Troops”

The Fort Mill Coupon Group is proud to support “Coups For Troops” to send expired coupons to support military families overseas.  Please bring all expired coupons (cut them please) to each monthly coupon meeting.  We also ask for a voluntary of $1 donation to cover the cost of postage.  Here are some details from their website:

What types of coupons should I send?
-All manufacturer coupons (including Catalinas) that state “manufacturer coupon.”

-Store coupons cannot be used (ie Target, Publix, Walgreens, Family Dollar).

-Printed internet coupons can be used by our recipients.

-Restaurant coupons cannot be used (ie Chuck E Cheese, Blimpie, Olive Garden, Boston Market).

-Because of the time it takes packages to get to our recipients, send coupons that have expired in the last month or two.  Commissaries will accept coupons that are up to six months expired.

Thank you for your support and especially support our military families to save money!!!!

3 thoughts on “Expired Coupons: “Coups For Troops”

  1. please feel free to mail expired coupons to –
    Coupons For Troops (Carlisle)
    5093 Mariana Court
    Tega Cay, South Carolina 29708
    & I will take them to the meetings if you can’t make it.

  2. I would like to send thecoupons to a location in Florida. Found it once on the internet but have not been able to relocate it. Can you help me?

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