Lesson 6 – Calculating and Tracking Your Savings

Lesson 6:  Calculating and Tracking Your Savings

So you have been shopping with coupons and you are not really sure if you have really saved any money.  For me (I am a numbers person), when I first started using coupons I had to know that I was saving money and it was worth it. My goal for every trip is to save at least as much as I spend or 50%.  I found a spreadsheet here that you can use to track your savings.  (The site that originally created this spreadsheet is no longer maintained).  You can customize it by the stores you shop at.  For those of you that want to calculate the old fashioned way – calculator – I will illustrate an example below:

This example is based on a shopping I made to Harris Teeter on July 9, 2011:

Total Amount Spent:                                        $17.59

Total Savings (found on your receipt):       $36.16

Total Purchase Value of Items:                     $53.75  (This is the sum of the total amount spent and total savings)

Savings Percentage (%)            67%

(Total savings divided by total purchase value then multiplied by 100)

So for this shopping trip I saved 67% by using coupons and store loyalty card savings.

For me, that was a trip well spent! 

If you have any specific questions on calculating and tracking your savings, you can always email me at info@clipsavegive.com.

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2 thoughts on “Lesson 6 – Calculating and Tracking Your Savings

    • That is still good! Any amount saved is worth celebrating! When I first started using coupons I didn’t always hit the 50% and that is sometimes hard to hit when buying meats.

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