Lesson 9 – Mind Your Manners: Coupon Manners That Is

Lesson 9:  Mind Your Manners – Coupon Manners I Mean

So now that you are fully equipped to clipsavegive using coupons, I want to talk to you about how you behave while you are out shopping with coupons.  Please keep the following things in mind while you are out shopping and getting your deals:

 1.      Please use coupons correctly:  I hope you read the information from the links that I posted in Lesson 8 on coupon fraud, but I want to stress again the importance of proper coupon use.

2.     Please leave some for others:  Don’t clear the shelves of items just because you are getting a great deal.  While stockpiling is one of the keys to saving with coupons, be mindful of others and think twice about how much of an item you really need.  Also, consider asking the store manager to place an order for you for the item.

3.     Don’t take all the coupons from tearpads and peelies:  Do you really need an entire tearpad of coupons?  No you don’t.  Also, please don’t pull peelies off of products and not buy the product at the same store.

4.     Shop during off-hours:  If you know you are planning a big shopping trip, consider shopping when the stores are less crowded such as early morning or late night on weekends (I love shopping on Friday nights after 8 pm).

5.     Be courteous and polite:  Please treat the cashiers and store employees with respect.  I have found that when I give my cashier a big smile and greeting and call them by name, my shopping trip goes much smoother.  Also, be courteous and polite to the people behind you in the checkout line waiting

6.     Be a coupon angel:  So what is a coupon angel?  Have you ever gone to buy a product and see a coupon on top of it or lying beside it?  That is one example of being a coupon angel.  Share your coupons with others and share your coupon knowledge with others because you will draw attention from others.  When you see another person using coupons, give them a big hello and smile (or high 5).  We are not competing against one another.  Every time I shop I am sharing coupons, tips and even an encouraging word from God.  I encourage you to do the same!

I pray that the lessons have given you a start and motivation to clip,save, give so that you can be a blessing to others by using coupons and saving money.   May God bless you on your coupon journey!

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